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RAD and Harmful Products

What is RAD? A quick google search and you will find anything but what I am referring to. The RAD I speak of is Reactive Airway Disease and it seems to be anything but ‘RAD’. says it is “an asthma-like syndrome developing after a single exposure to high levels of an irritating vapor, fume, or smoke.”

 Well this is very vague to me considering how many irritants, vapors, fumes, and smoke we humans breath in on a daily basis.

My conclusion is, people (especially parents) do not want to hear that that the Dr. has no idea what is wrong with them so they use a disease that is already around to lump that person into. Yes, it probably helps the person sleep at night (or the parent) thinking something has been done to help. I guess this is why when people are told they are taking certain medicines (such as diet pills, and anxiety medications) but are really taking placebos it still seems to help.

I recently looked at the blog: 

The comments that intrigued me the most were the ones left by ‘Voxpop’ and ‘Voxy’ (which I am about 98% certain they are one and the same). This Vox person has some wild ideas on this subject. One idea is that unnamed people are trying to expose harmful toxins into his/her family’s system to cause him/her to sell their valuable home in Tampa, FL….I guess anything is possible but it sounds more like something out of a movie more than real life.

But this did get me thinking about how often RAD is currently being diagnosed, especially in young children. My thoughts are why? and how? More specifically if my child has this what specific high levels of an irritating vapor, fume, or smoke did he/she come in contact with and how come it was around for him/her to be in contact with.

That in turn got me thinking of companies who put harmful chemicals in our products (especially the ones we use on our children) and why they do not seem to care until it is already said and done. You would (I would) think they would care because they also use these products or at least use similar products by other companies who are just as shady.

My conclusion is they do it because of $. I bet that the companies who put the harmful chemicals in the products we use are also some of the people who fund/finance finding cures for the medical issues (like cancer or RAD) that we develop due to the harmful chemicals.

I say why not skip all of the above mentioned and just make helpful, honest, reliable products?



  1. Hey WmWB, have they already ruled out black mold in these cases? Just a curious thought…

  2. My husband was diagnosed with RAD a few years ago. Previously, he was diagnosed with asthma, but when he switched doctors and needed a refill on an inhaler, she said I don’t think you have asthma and sent him to a pulmonologist for testing. The tests showed he didn’t have asthma, but that he wasn’t using his full lung capacity either, and that breathing problems were exacerbated by irritants, like histamines from allergies, smoke, etc.

    The theory is that his lungs were initially damaged living in India from the pollution and dust, and also his father was a chain smoker until they came to the U.S. (DH was 9 by then) So the damage was done to the lungs, and now irritants can inflame them. He still has to have a fast acting inhaler though for rare times when he really can’t breathe.

    I think you’re right though – companies use what’s cheapest and easiest, or they outsource production and don’t care how it’s made or what with. I wonder how many children’s lungs have been irreparably damaged – maybe by products, or maybe by smoke or pollution, but then their problems are made worse by products, like my husbands. As he’s gotten older, it’s gotten worse as well as his lungs are less able to tolerate the irritants.

  3. Ara- I am not familiar with black molds links to this.. Tell me more I am intrigued.

    CBC- Hmm interesting, my husband has asthma and has had it since he was little but I would bet his is also R.A.D. He would probably disagree though.

  4. WmWB, this website is from the EPA From their top ten things you should know about black mold, this is number 1 “Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposures include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints.” This is also an excerpt from their website
    “Some people are sensitive to molds. For these people, exposure to molds can cause symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. Some people, such as those with serious allergies to molds, may have more severe reactions. Severe reactions may occur among workers exposed to large amounts of molds in occupational settings, such as farmers working around moldy hay. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath. Some people with chronic lung illnesses, such as obstructive lung disease, may develop mold infections in their lungs.”

    I know there was a case here in North Texas within the last 10 years where Austin College had to demolish one of their old dorms due to the black mold. Many students became very ill with upper respiratory/asthma like symptoms. What intrigued the doctors here was that the majority of those students came from very healthy, asthma-free homes. Those with respiratory problems to begin with because very, very ill most of the time they lived in that building.

    I had asthma was diagnosed when I was 19. Although, I usually had an anual sinus/bronchitis infection, I had never had asthma symptoms until being in Houston, Texas. When I moved to Houston for a semester of college, that was one of the worst semesters of my life. When choosing my room, my roommates had not moved in yet, and one of the bedroom closets was covered in black mold half-way up, all the way around that closet. The campus apartment’s response was to simply spray paint over it. That semester, I and my 3 other roommates stayed very ill the entire time. I, myself, had not only the flu for 2 weeks, but multiple bouts of bronchitis that anitbiotics would not shake. My asthma became so bad that I was actually instructed to leave for a drier, better climate or that the doctor was afraid I was just not going to make it. They had me on multiple asthma medications, treatments, preventatives AND antibiotics, but nothing was working. My doctor was esp horrified when he asked if I had been exposed to black mold, to hear about our campus apartment. He gave me a medical excuse that gave me release to move from the apartment complex without negative renter ratings. In the end, I developed pneumonia and was nearly hospitalized before I could get moved out of Houston. Once back in northeast Texas, my asthma magically seemed to disappear and I was better after 2 weeks. To this day, I have issues with asthma in cold, damp environments, and inspect my apt thoroughly when I come across any kind of leak.

    As for your husband, I wonder if somewhere along the way if he wasn’t introduced to black mold, because many times it leaves a life-time effect if children were exposed to it, such as allergy/asmtha like symptoms due to some of the fungus actually becoming part of the body. I hope this helps some WmWB.

  5. Ara- Thanks for the info. Very interesting indeed. I am sorry you have been exposed to black mold and I am very sorry that the campus people were idiots. That is what I was talking about too how people can disregard obvious issues that harm others. If it isn’t happening to them then they do not care. SIGH. It is hard to say if someone was exposed to it sometime in their life but I would bet like with many other toxins most of us have. That is the scary thing. We are told one year this and that are good for you and then the next no no they all cause cancer…I may move to the wilderness!

  6. Well thank you for your concern. I agree with you though, maybe living in the wilderness is the answer LOL. I noticed on the news tonight, now the people from hurricane Katrina that are still living in the FEMA trailers are now all falling ill. I didn’t catch the whole story, but something to do with some sort of toxin built into the trailers is pretty much what I caught. It is amazing how one minute one thing is safe, and the next it is not.

  7. I just read in the news today that the FEMA trailers they gave to the victims of Katrina were made with contaminated building materials and could cause cancer. 😦

  8. Well sadly I cannot say I would have expected anything more… I guess if us humans do not blow up earth we will just eliminate ourselves with cancer and aids etc.. sigh

  9. It turns out that the trailers are emitting fermaldehyde which is what was making the people ill. It’s due to not have a ventilation system in travel trailers that are being used. Not just by FEMA, but all trailers…because they simply weren’t made to be lived in..just vacationed in. I guess they should have used mobile homes, but then someone would have an issue with that too I suppose.. Can’t win them all 🙂

  10. WTH, I swear our government is no better than the next. sigh. Oh I think I am gonna switch my blog around and make it focused more on movies since that is my life lol with a page for conspiracies and venting! lol.

  11. Hey WmWB, you’re welcome to email me. I sent you a msg to the email that is linked to your posting on my blogsite. 🙂

  12. WmWB, did you get my email response? I noticed that it came back saying delayed recipient. If not, I’ll send my reply again 🙂

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