Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | February 20, 2008

Do you believe in Aliens?

So I have this theory that the universe is just too big to have only one race in it. I think it would be wasteful for just us to be living in it. So yes, I do believe in “Aliens”. Now do I think they are little green men or big greasy monsters? I would hope not, especially the latter…..

On the subject of Aliens I would love to hear about your favorite movies dealing with them. How about a top 8?

Mine would have to be:

Taken (which is actually a mini series)

X-Files-only the ones dealing with the conspiracy (which is actually a show as well as a movie)

Independence Day

The Forgotten

Alien (and all the films in the series)

Men in Black (and the sequel)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind




  1. This is my top 8 🙂
    The Invasion
    The Forgotten
    Stargate (the movie, and series of SG-1 & Atlantis)
    Star Trek (movies and multiple series)
    Star Wars (movies)
    Independence Day

  2. I DEFINITELY believe in Aliens. You’re right. The universe is simply too big for us to be “alone.” It, in a way, is a self-centered thought to think we’re the only superior beings. I have to give mother nature more credit than that.

    My neighbor told us as kids, that she’d had a ranch when her husband was alive. One day they found a bunch of debris on their property that didn’t look like anything seen before. She told us that the government came in shortly and confiscated all the rubble and told them never to speak of it again. She told us she figured that at that point in her life, she didn’t figure the government still had any interest in her, so that she felt she no longer had to hide it. Whether it was true or not…I don’t know, but she never gave me any reason to doubt her.

  3. Dang I forgot about the Invasion and didn’t list StarWars because that is just on a different level for me! I only like a couple of Star Treks from the Next Generation that is. My husband loves Stargate but I rank it with Dune too funky for me. Signs was also good and I forgot about that one too dang I should have said top 10!

    That is neat that you met someone who dealt with Alien stuff. My mom swears when she was in CA in the desert she saw a spaceship. I tell her it was the drugs she was on! LOL. She said NO I was on my way to do acid I was not on anything…riiight! 😉 That was in the 60s or 70s.

  4. Hi ! wmwb, how have you been 🙂

    I do believe in aliens, there are just too many stars with planets going round them, but I have a notion that not all might not be carbon based like us, they might have radio active live forms with half life periods or maybe just loosely coupled particles going around as spirits in the final fantasy.

    here goes……

    8 Star trek
    7 Men In Black
    6 X-files
    5 Star Wars
    4 Stargate
    3 ET
    2 Gattaca
    1 Planet of The Apes

  5. Hello 6mile! Good to see you.

    Hmm your thoughts are very interesting… Something to think about!

    On to your top list…
    Gattaca was great but that would be on a different level for me since it is dealing with sci-fi futuristics (I may have made this word up but I am sure you know what I mean right?) and not aliens.
    Planet of the Apes I also liked but it also does not deal with Aliens in the context I meant.. But great choices none the less!

  6. i should have read the Q more carefully:).i got carried away I guess. My bro, is a huge star wars buff. I just loved watching planet of the apes back to back.

  7. No that is ok they are great movies anyway!

    Back to back.. Do you mean the old one and the new one? Or did you mean Planet of the Apes with StarWars?

  8. the Planet of the Apes trilogy :), the new one is good two, i just with they made it into parts.

    I like Isaac Asimov,futuristics they seem soo possible and well thought out

  9. I hated Planet of the Apes as a kid. I don’t know, but somehow it really offended and scared me I think. I am not sure how that happened, but it did LOL. The new one doesn’t strike me that way, but still to this day, I really just can’t stand to watch the original. I also can’t stand watching drove me crazy…my brother was ALWAYS watching it LOL.

    Oh, a movie about aliens that I loved as a child was Escape to Witch Mountain

  10. i’ve not seen that last one…….maybe i should 🙂

  11. I use to like Escape to Witch Mountain too! It was filmed by Disney. There was sequel did you see it? It was called Return from Witch Mountain.

  12. Yes I do believe I did. I watched it everytime it came on Disney. I wish Disney still played some of the older movies like that. Disney was so much better when I was a kid than it is now. Now it reminds me of just Nickelodeon with cartoons…both channels pretty well..just aren’t good anymore LOL. I know I grew up, but they both used to have some half-way descent shows, and not just cartoons or old re-runs.

  13. I LOVE Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr. They are in the am hours for the little ones. I agree though the rest of the time both channels stink so does Cartoon Network. I hear Noggin and Sprite are good channels for kids but I can’t help to think about Saturday Morning cartoons…now those were the days!

  14. WmWB, I have found via coincidence, this site that talked about all sorts of crazy stuff. Witches, aliens, the Bermuda Triangle..etc All sorts of sci-fi type stuff. Here’s the weblink .
    I think you’d enjoy some of the stuff on there!

  15. I see you added the beyond the blog as well hehehe. I haven’t got around to adding it to mine just yet, but I do check it daily heheh

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