Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | March 13, 2008

Two faced people

I talked to my cousin today about people who say one thing to your face and then another thing to someone else when you are not around. This got me thinking about movies….what doesn’t? ha ha so yea, I figured I would do a post on my some of my favorite movies that have to do with people who are not what they seem.

Do not forget to leave a comment telling me what your favorites are!

And here they are:

Swordfish – This movie always gets me thinking!

Lucky Number Slevin – I love how everything intertwines!

The Departed – The first time I saw the movie my jaw literally dropped.

Primal Fear – Got me hook, line, and sinker.

High Crimes – I so wanted to believe the husband.

Fight Club -Such a confusing one!

Gangs of New York -The movie is so long but worth the watch.

Fear – I use to have nightmares because of this movie.

Devil’s Advocate – Totally ‘wicked’

Devil’s Own – I do not fully get all of the issues in this movie but am still looking into them.

Wild Things – This movie proves that $ has nothing to do with intelligence!

and on a lighter side…..

A Knight’s Tale – R.I.P Heath Ledger, he was a great actor.

Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo – This movie is funny and so corny at the same time!



  1. I loved a Knight’s Tale. Your shows how he was trying to aspire to bigger and better things, but had to lie his way to get there.

    Fight Club..he seriously had a mental disorder because he had split personalities. One seemed to feel the need to be the bigger and better guy..what he always wanted to begin with.

    I also liked Gangs of New York.

    I have forgotten what most of the others were I’ll have to look those up.

    Another one I liked.. Cinderella Man. He kept trying to be someone he wasn’t with all the 2nd-hand jobs. Once he found his true was all okay.

    Triple XXX – Not only was Vin Diesel smoking hot 😉 but I love how he tried to pretend to be the bad guy, but stuck it out to show his true colors. CS knows I have a thing for Vin Diesel..hmm another expression of how I seem to like mixed or men with some color. He’s half African-American/half-Italian American, and I LOVE that deep voice. Okay, better stop now LOL!

  2. BTW, my mom KNOWS this and knows how I feel about Vin Diesel..her comment is just..don’t tell your dad’s he’s half black hehe.. she thinks he’s sexy too hehe 😉

  3. I thought Cinderella Man was ok.
    As for XXX ah it was good to watch but it is also not a favorite of mine.
    I do, however, LOVE Pitch Black, Riddick, Fast and the Furious and Boiler Room all of which have Vin in them. BTW did you know he is Bi? hehe yea he is pretty cute but not on my top list though.

  4. Interesting picks! I went through a major Chuck Palahniuk Fight Club but just couldn’t get through choke. Loved the movie Fight Club.

    Did you watch Magnolia yet? Since it’s about a lot of different relationships I might watch it again and do a post on it, interested?

    And, oh, as a total relativist sort of thinker…nothing is ever, ever as it seems. I’m one of those really dark types who enjoys monkeywrenching perceptions of reality…because after all, reality is subjective…


  5. I never read Fight Club. I am very picky when it comes to reading strangely not so when it comes to movie watching. Also if I have seen the movie I will not read the book (with a slight few as exceptions).

    Sigh no STILL haven’t seen Magnolia…I went to blockbuster to rent it and left with Rendition.. DOH!

    I will agree with you that MOST things are not what they seem but some things are (they are usually harder to find). One of my professors once said “Reality is reality as you perceive it to be”.
    I have found that to be so true…btw he was a psychology professor, go figure!

  6. I can’t find a copy of Magnolia here..hmm I may just have to wait until I go to mom’s. I have heard that about Vin..but oh I love to look at him LOL. I own the Riddick Chronicles Trilogy…got it for Christmas hehe 🙂

  7. A friend of the family worked with Vin on a movie and told my dad about his bi-ness (yea I think I made that word up) Yea I own the Trilogy too. He is a good actor and nice looking regardless!

  8. Honestly, there are a lot of actors and actresses like that. I am not sure what the deal is…maybe it has to be doing with their artsy side. Genetically speaking, it is inheritable, at least for males. More than likely, if there is a gay/bi male in the family, it has been proven that usually he ALSO has a either a brother or an uncle of that persuasion. Several of the males in my family seem to verify this notion. It has NOT been proven for females though.

    I LOVED his reflection/see in the dark eyes in the Trilogy. It was great. I remember watching Pitch Black before he was popular. I would watch it every chance I got and tell people about this hot actor in it..LOL, it’s he’s so popular..although, he really shouldn’t be allowed to kiss on screen because it leaves a lot to be desired to look at LOL.

  9. I like the Knights tale a lot, its about a guy who goes after his dream and gets it, sure he has to lie, but then again, he shows that all of us have an equal Divine Right.

    Magnolia sounds like a movie I need to watch.

    Yeah, I liked pitch black a lot, the concept was really nice and he fit the bill perfectly, he’s just popular in pop culture now and every woots for him in a crowd

  10. stuff indian people like has been taken :(, but i guess i could still try stuff indian guys like 🙂

  11. Darn no Stuff Indian People like huh well you will find something else!

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