Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | March 14, 2008

Do you waste your money?

I was looking over at my movie tower today and noticed just how many movies I have. I keep them cataloged but never really thought of the amount before now. I have about 100 DVDs rated G, 200 DVDs rated PG – Unrated…no they are not “adult movies”, and about 100 Blu-Ray Discs. Adding all of those up in terms of how much they cost, now I know where all of my “extra” money has gone… sigh.. and that is not even including all of the electronics we have… but at least I am happy and not bored! Ha Ha but I am pretty broke 😉



  1. Well, I am not really into collecting DVD’s, VHS or CD’s anymore. Honestly, I never really did the DVD’s. I own 11 total DVD’s counting both copies of the Princess Bride I own hehe. VHS.. I used to buy them at work when they marked them down after they were getting rid of them from the rental section. But, I am guilty of the CD’s. I have um..probably over 250 CD’s. When I was in high school, I used to buy about 1 new cd every other week. Now..I’m lucky if I spend..err..waste money on 2 new cd’s a year LOL. It’s funny how my priorities have changed.

  2. Between my husband and myself we had like 400 CDs. Last month we went through them and only kept about 100. We put some of the songs on our IPods from the other CDs. Now with all of the ways to listen it seems almost ridiculous to keep so many.

    As for VHS movies lol we had 500! We sold them on eBay and then bought about 250 of the same movies on DVD. Then when Blu-Ray came out we bought only the movies we deem 4 stars and above and gave our old DVDs to friends.

    We use to have like every game system out back when it was PS2 era. Now we only have two the PS3 and the regular Nintendo! Which I LOVE.

  3. Oh that reminds me, my husband always said the kids were not going to have a T.V. in their room…ha ha that is until Christmas when he saw a special on a blu-ray player (not that we didn’t already have a PS3). He decided that we would buy the Blu-Ray player but we would also need to buy a bigger Flat Panel LCD T.V. so he bought a 32″. He gave our kids our flat panel LCD (it was a 20″) and bought them a standard DVD player…sigh… and this is not including the 46″ LCD in the living room.

    I think I buy and allow all that I do because I gre up pretty poor and do not want that for my family but by buying all of this “stuff” that really isn’t helping my family with our future…Hmm that is something to think about.

  4. Oh man, I wish I still have just a regular Nitendo LOL. I think Hastings actually sells one. I loved Super Mario 3 and a game called Skulls and Crossbones hehe

  5. My brother and I had to share a TV and it was in MY room..what a pain. Plus, we had an Atari. When it died, my parents only got us that first Nitendo, when the 3rd Edition was already out LOL. My brother gave me his PSP 1, but I LOVE guitar hero, so I finally broke down and bought a PSP2 just so I can play guitar hero. I suck at it, but it’s still soo much fun. The last ninendo I got was a N64. I still have’s a Star Wars Edition with a star wars racer game 🙂

  6. Super Mario 3 is my FAVORITE! That is the one I play the most. We have like 50 games for the Nintendo.
    I also had an atari (did you know Atari is the name of a game maker now…perhaps it is the same company?). Pong was my favorite lol.
    We were in Target last night buying some stuff for St. Patty’s Day and we ended up buying 3 CDs, 1 Book (which I did not mention before but we have A LOT of those too), and another Blu-Ray. While I was in target I told my husband the next thing I want to buy is DDR set (dance dance revolution) so I can workout while I am at home LOL.

  7. I am just NOT that coordinated LOL! Plus I have a very bad ankle 😦 It’s why when I exercise, I use the reclined bike. If I run or use the eliptical it swells up something horrible LOL. Just NEVER sprain you ankles if possible. They have a new drummer game too that you can play. I’d really like the Guitar Hero 2 and 3, but I just can’t make myself spend the money on them.

  8. Ha ha yea I STINK at DDR but it still is good for a workout! I sweat so bad playing it.

    I saw all the other ones like the band one, the drum one, the guitar ones but I am not as into those…perhaps the guitar one but not the others.

  9. Hmm, the band ones? I’ll have to look into that… they need a trumpet game that I can whoop-butt at LOL..oh wait, I actually can do that and have a trumpet..n/m LOL

    I am planning on buying a DVD, but have to wait until it’s end of march/april release… Highlander: The Source.. heheh go figure 🙂

  10. Speaking of money, I had a weird coincidence happen today. My normal parking place at work was taken, so I backed in to a to a light pole..and thought.. that’s not a good idea with storms and lots of birds in the area. So I pulled into a spot that a truck pulled out of, next to my co-workers. I noticed a shiny looking, circular object on the ground. I honestly thought it was a washer that goes with nuts and bolts, but decided to pick it up and look at it. It turned out to be a coin that said India on it..and rupee with a 1. What was the likelihood of finding and Indian coin of all things…esp on the other side of the planet LOL. I told CS, and he told me to hold onto it to give to my grandson one day, that it would make him rich. Not sure what that was about, but anyway… a strange coincidence indeed LOL.

  11. I’m not too much into collecting movies, thats my brothers hobby. I just like watching them, we get so many movie channels in India, like 4-5 each trying to give you the best stuff, you get to watch them on TV anyways, so its no biggie. Thats something I miss, $3 cable that airs you like 100 channels, you dont even get a 10th of that for 100 bucks on here.

  12. Ara, I have some foreign money too I think it is neat especially when we find stuff in unexpected places!

    6mile, I cannot believe for $3 u get 100 channels that is freakin awesome! I’m moving to India ha ha.

  13. yeah, You get Star Movies, MGM ,HBO, Zee Movies, Sony Pix, TCM, and a lot of action channels show the latest movies, a billion people is a huge market. 😛

    you get tons of regional movie channels in hindi, telugu, tamil, maharathi, and other languages, but i doubt you would be interested in them.

  14. Oh man, we’re getting screwed..pardon my french

  15. 6mile, Dang that is a lot! Yea you are right I would not be very interested in those just because I cannot understand it and I hate reading captions…I did make an exception for Pan’s Labyrinth which is spanish.

    Ara, I had to laugh because that isn’t french it is english!!! where did that saying come from anyway? On that note ever wonder where most weirdnesses come from? I do!

  16. Really..I didn’t know Pan’s Labyrinth was in Spanish. Hmm…my friend has been recommending that one. Hmm..I could probably understand some of that one then without the captions.

    Yeah, I know..but I have no idea where the saying came from either. I wonder about weird stuff all the time..that’s why I write about it hehehe 🙂

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