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“I Am Legend”

Here is a rundown on the movie (provided by

Plot: Robert Neville is a scientist who was unable to stop the spread of the terrible virus that was incurable and man-made. Immune, Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City and perhaps the world. For three years, Neville has faithfully sent out daily radio messages, desperate to find any other survivors who might be out there. But he is not alone. Mutant victims of the plague — The Infected — lurk in the shadows… watching Neville’s every move… waiting for him to make a fatal mistake. Perhaps mankind’s last, best hope, Neville is driven by only one remaining mission: to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood. But he knows he is outnumbered… and quickly running out of time. Written by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Starring:  Will Smith (and his daughter Willow is also in it…briefly)

Directed by: Francis Lawrence

Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller


Before I watched this movie, I already knew I was going to LOVE it  because my husband and I have the same taste in movies and he got to see it when it was in the theater…I did not (he said the movie was “AWESOME!”)

Even before it went to theaters (when I kept seeing the trailers) I figured the movie would be great because it starred Will Smith. I have yet to watch a movie with him in it that I did not like…that is not to say if he is truly a newly devout Scientologist he may not go off his rocker (or onto Oprah’s couch jumping around!) but then again there isn’t a Tom Cruise movie that I do not love either…oh wait War of the Worlds…sigh…God help Mr. Smith! lol especially since I just saw the trailer for Hancock…I am so unsure of this one!

The whole movie kept me intrigued. It had some deep down thoughts embedded into the story. The movie had a Resident Evil and a Silent Hill vibe at times which ROCKED. Each time I watch the movie (it has been 3 now…and yes, I bought it on Blu-Ray) I see something new that I did not catch before.

This movie is a MUST see!



  1. YESSSS!! This movie kicks butt! And I must say, I own a copy of the book, and the movie is much better. The movie gives hope..whereas the book, none what-so-ever. Plus the book was written a longtime back, so I like the much updated version of the movie. I want to see the version not seen in the theaters, since I saw it in a theater.

  2. I figured from your schooling that you would like the movie. I did not know it was a book first but I should have figured it since so many movies are anymore. I probably will not read the book…well maybe I guess if I got bored.

    My husband has watched the alternative ending, I have not yet.

  3. I don’t recommend reading the book. Not really. Since you’ve already seen it, I can tell you what was different. First of all, Neville was the only human survivor period. People actually mutated into vampires based on the virus that the gov’t accidently released. Some of the vampires had discovered a medicine though that allowed them to be somewhat human, like living in daylight, and not getting sick off of eating something other than blood. The dog was actually a stray that kept trying to survive and he kept trying to catch, but then one day, it disappeared, and he went and found it. It had finally been bitten, so was suffering a slow and debilitating death. There was no community unaffected. Basically, the woman he found, told him to run, and told him about the creatures that were taking the pills to stop total vampirism. He wouldn’t leave though, and he was eventually bombarded in his home and taken prisoner. The “new” humans, decided he had to die, because he was the different one now..and his last claim to fame…was that, “I am legend.” based on him being the only left of his kind…and then he died. The original legend was that of the vampires..and showed how the roles reversed. Don’t get me wrong, the book was good, but I still liked the movie version better because of the hope it gave mankind.
    The only part of the movie I didn’t like so well, was that it didn’t allude enough to them being vampires. A lot of people were like..what the heck are they supposed to be? I just knew because of the book, plus in the book, he grew a LOT of garlic.

  4. I dint find the movie very interesting,I knew the entire plot beforehand, Night of the Living Dead , exams had just got done and I was so darn tired I slept off midway.

    Maybe If I see it on DVD again, I might like it 🙂

  5. Ara, Hmmm I think I would have loved the book hahaha I do not care about hope for mankind lol but now that you told me the whole book nm! 😉

    6mile, You have to rewatch it and tell me what you think.

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