Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | March 22, 2008

“No Country for Old Men”

 Directed by: Ethan & Joel Coen

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Beth Grant, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, and Woody Harrelson 

Plot: In rural Texas, welder and hunter Llewelyn Moss discovers the remains of several drug runners who have all killed each other in an exchange gone violently wrong. Rather than report the discovery to the police, Moss decides to simply take the two million dollars present for himself. This puts the psychopathic killer, Anton Chigurh, on his trail as he dispassionately murders nearly every rival, bystander and even employer in his pursuit of his quarry and the money. As Moss desperately attempts to keep one step ahead, the blood from this hunt begins to flow behind him with relentlessly growing intensity as Chigurh closes in. Meanwhile, the laconic Sheriff Ed Tom Bell blithely oversees the investigation even as he struggles to face the sheer enormity of the crimes he is attempting to thwart. Written by: Kenneth Chisholm

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My husband had heard from some co-workers that the movie was great. The only thing I heard about the movie was it won a lot of awards then again so did Atonement and I HATED that movie.... and like I was when I watched Atonement I was pretty clueless as to what the movie was supposed to be about. I heard Atonement was a love story and I heard No Country for Old Men was about a serial killer but that was all. So I went and rented the movie even though something told me to rent Enchanted or August Rush.

The movie drug out at times making the movie seem extra long even though it was only 122 minutes (2 hours 2 minutes). There was a lot of violence which was I thought was AWESOME but not much of anything else.

It story line was pretty easy to follow but quite a few times it was very predictable. The movie had no explanations for any of the things going on and the ending left me ridiculously aggravated.

I would only recommend seeing this movie if you have a lot of free time, are bored, and you are watching it for free.



  1. Thanks, guess I’ll wait until it’s actually on TV. LOL. I watched Beowulf the other night. It was…okay. It does not really follow the traditional story all that much.

  2. I liked Beowulf I would give it about 3 1/2 or 4 stars. I did not know the story though lol like I have said before I am bad with those things.

  3. We were made to read it in senior English in high school. There were a LOT of stuff we were FORCED to read LOL. That one wasn’t so bad though.

  4. my roomie said the movie was really good,I somehow dint feel like watching it.

  5. Atonement looked and felt a lot like Pride and Prejudice, impeccable setting, acting and dialogue. A bit depressing toward the end, but over all very well done.

    side note: i wonder if Briony’s vocabulary is realistic for a British 13 year old?

  6. Patrick thank you for your comment. I will agree their acting and the settings were well done. I just did not care for the story. I thought the movie was boring. There was only two parts that interested me…. one was at the begining and one near the end. I did not like Pride and Prejudice so that should have been a clue for me. I am not really into artsy films and it seems I keep watching them.

  7. I think I mentioned before…somewhere.. that the best done Pride and Prejudice was the very original..1930’s I believe version.

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