Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | March 23, 2008

“Horton Hears a Who”



I have been wanting to see this movie ever since I saw the preview the first time. I am and always have been a big Dr. Seuss fan. My daughter has also become a fan of the great Dr. So I took her and her brother and my mother in-law with me today to see it.

I was very happy with the adaptation from book to movie. Of course some things were added to provide back story and for a time filler and there were a slight number of things changed around all together so it did not follow the book 100% but that is usually how it goes.

I loved the actors/actresses they chose to play each of the characters. I think the voices went very well.

Even though this movie is a good family movie and rated G my daughter did find a couple of the scenes frightening.

I would give this movie 5 4 1/2 stars



  1. Another of the Dr. Seuss’s I love to watch is The Grinch. I just LOVE Jim Carrey in it, and I am NOT a Jim Carrey fan.

  2. I saw this movie, its sweet and flowed like butter.

  3. Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who is classic, i forgot how much that guy packed into such simple storylines… they didn’t add much to the original story either except for the usual Jim-Carryisms.

  4. Yes the good Dr. always packed so much into one book. My daughter LOVES his books. The first time she wanted me to read one to her was for a nap. I was like OK!!! LOL usually I read her a short book for nap… I totally forgot the length of the books. The one I read was like 35 pages!!!!

  5. I always loved red fish, blue fish, one fish, two fish..and green eggs and ham of course!

  6. Were you and your daughter not bothered by the way the father/mayor treats his daughters?

    I’ve been reading that that aspect of the movie is really bothering people and taking some of the enjoyment out of seeing it.

  7. My daughter is only 3 so no, she was not bothered at all.
    As for me, no it did not “bother me”. I did think wow why would he have SO many kids especially when he could not give them all the attention they needed. The thought only lasted as long as the scene and it took none of the enjoyment out of the movie for me.

    As for the NPR story I read it from the link you provided. I do not agree with the authors thinking. I am not all about women this and women that and the movie did not peeve me in anyway. I mean come on the guy writing the story doesn’t even like Jim Carrey, WTH! I could careless if the hero/heroin is a man or a woman. The only thing I care about is if the movie is enjoyable.

    Yes, daughters are just as much of a blessing as sons and they are just as wonderful and everything else BUT if someone had 96 or so daughters and 1 son (who was supposed to be taking over the “family business”) of course the parent(s) would put a little more time into that one son…would it be fair…? probably not but
    1) it is a story
    2) the girls would probably be fine and do just as well for themselves if there father didn’t have the son and still had to split his time between all 96 of them.
    I say the moral of it is not about women this and that but instead it is parents only have as many children as you can love and care for and spend time with! haha. Thanks FW for the question!

  8. I did feel that the scene showed a preference towards a male child. In India a male child is preferred over a female,*sigh* , It was shown in a comical way with no harm intended.

  9. In most societies, the male child is preferred over the female. I really don’t think the movie was intentionally portraying this though. It was based off of a children’s book that was supposed to be cute. If you overthink most things, then anything can be made to be viewed as racial or sexist, especially when taken out of context.

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