Posted by: ara0062 | March 31, 2008

10,000 B.C.



The movie is about ancient civilizations/tribes that existed 10,000 B.C. Basically, a mountain dwelling tribe annually hunts mammoths for their survival. The head huntsman leaves the tribe for the tribe’s betterment, without letting others know what is happening, except for a close friend. Shortly after, a girl child, Evolet, is found and brought into the tribe for her upbringing after her tribesmen were all slain or taken prisoner, but she is different. She has blue eyes, whereas no one else does, and the medicine woman of tribe tells the tribe she has a fate to fulfill. She and the head huntsman’s son, D’Leh become great friends over the years.

Once D’Leh is grown, he goes on a hunt where he wins the white spear, but later declines it because he doesn’t fill he won it fair and square. While away from the tribe that night, invaders come to the village and take hostages of the young and healthiest people, men and women. These invaders are referred to as the “four-legged demons” because they ride horses. D’Leh cannot stop them because he arrives too late. He takes up to trailing them with a couple of other tribesmen who escaped the pillaging.

They travel through all sorts of lands which included some prehistoric and dangerous animals. To get back the girl he loves, and to free his people, D’Leh travels to the head of the snake..the head of the river as it was called. He picked up many other tribes members along the way, and they go to the city (a pyramid in Egypt) to save their do that, they must slay a god…. and you’ll have to watch it to find out the rest.

Rating: PG-13 due to violence and some sexual innuendos

I think the movie was well planned and thought out. It was fairly easy to follow, and was very adventurous and dramatic. I also liked that it used unknowns as its key stars. I would recommend watching it if you enjoy anything to do with history..such as ancient civilizations. I really don’t think anyone under 13 should see it though because it could lead to nightmares, plus there was a LOT of primal violence throughout the movie.

I would simply give the movie 4 stars because although a long movie, it left you waiting for the next scene to play out.



  1. I saw 10,000 B.C. opening weekend. I loved the movie. I also would give the movie 4 stars! It has a lot of really cool scenes. I loved the way everything played out. The director did Independence Day (which I loved) and The day After Tomorrow (which I thought was alright). I would have to say I liked this movie better than Independence Day which is surprising.

  2. I think I liked it better as well. The effects were really pretty realistic looking for not having any live pre-historic animals around these days LOL. Hey, how did you get that picture of the movie poster into the page? I kept trying, but still couldn’t get it figured out. DOH! LOL.

    I also liked how it gave a reason as to why some pre-historic animals also went extinct, that was a great idea on the directors/writer’s parts.

  3. I found the pic online saved it to my comp then uploaded it to the page. I thought it would add some color and a visual!

    Yes I liked all the pre-historic animals!

  4. Now that I’m back from my vacation and adventures I’ve got to go and see this movie. Rampaging wooly mamoths! I’m hoping that it’ll be on imax too. 🙂

  5. I want to see this movie so bad, I loved IDay, it was so much fun to watch as a kid, downloading a virus onto an alien ship, gee Issac Asimov or H G wells could never dream that Up ! only holly wood can.

    I saw Day After Tomorrow on an IMAX, it is one of the most awesome experiences ever.

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