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A synopsis of this movie, from my viewpoint…

This movie is about a U.S. cowboy named Frank Hopkins (played by Viggo Mortensen), in the 1800’s that has lost his way and his identity. He is of a mixed heritage.. he was born of a white father and a Native American Indian mother. He is fluent in both languages, but tries to hide his native heritage because of all the problems the Native Americans are having with the U.S. government. For a while, he works as a pony express rider/interpreter for the U.S. Army, but after seeing a whole tribe murdered by the U.S. Army, he joins Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and becomes a drunk.

As a showman in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Frank is billed as the world’s greatest endurance rider, since apparently he also use to race in endurance races across the U.S. A great sheik from across the Atlantic hears of his triumphs and wants to invite him to take place in a race called the Ocean of Fire, a 3000 mile race across the Arabian desert. So far, only sheiks and people of wealth that own great Arabian horses have ever raced this race. Frank takes the challenge because of his pride for his horse, Hidalgo, an American mustang, that he has won all of his endurance races on.

The Arabs do not think an unpurebred horse can be of any match against their pureblooded Arabian horses. They see him and his horse as infidels, not worthy of such a race. Most of the Arabs are insulted by the thought that Frank and Hidalgo would even consider themselves worthy candidates for such a race, but he proves his worth not only in the race itself, but by freeing the sheik’s beautiful daughter from a relative of the sheik, who wants the sheik’s Arabian stallion and bloodlines for himself. Frank and Hidalgo work together, helping Frank to come to accept his own hidden heritage. He finally accepts his “blue child” heritage, and realizes there is nothing wrong with being a half-breed, that it is what makes him.. HIM. In the end, Frank and Hidalgo hold up where many have failed and even died, and win the grueling 3000 mile race. Frank uses the purse money he won in the race to purchase the Indian’s mustangs that the U.S. Army had rounded up and were going to destroy. He frees them on Blackjack Mountain in Oklahoma, where they supposedly still roam today.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for adventure violence and some mild innuendo.

Overall, I love to watch this movie again and again. It showed some true events that happened in the past that were unsavory, along with a great storyline. Although, I was surprised that that many Arabs could speak English so well, such as the goat herder that worked as Frank’s caretaker during the race. I would have figured that only the most influential and wealthiest would have had professional schooling during the 1800’s 😉 IMO, the movie has no boring points, and is full of action! I give the movie 4 1/4 stars…not quite a good 4 1/2, but close! And for those of you wanting to know the real truth behind the movie, visit



  1. I like watching Hidalgo but I feel like it had a feel good factor added to the movie. This post reminded me of Ghost and the Darkness, thats one movie I like a lot! 🙂

  2. This movie was pretty good. I only saw it once though and that was when it was in the theaters but I remember thinking it was worth seeing again and possibly owning. Hmm maybe I will watch it again now! Feel good factor? Like things added into the movie to awake our sexual senses or something? hehe.

    Ah, The Ghost and the Darkness. It had Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas and Tom Wilkinson in it right? I believe it took place in the late 1800’s in Africa and it was about two lions who kept killing people. It was also based on a true story….. ok I can see why Hidalgo would make you think of this movie they have some similarities (time frame, overseas, murder, based on a true story).

    I liked Hidalgo better though, I would give Hildago 3 stars and The Ghost and the Darkness 2 1/2.

  3. I also liked Ghost in the that was a scary, freaky kind of movie. Can you imagine being stalked by a predator of that size?

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