Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | April 7, 2008

“Sweeney Todd”


  1. Well, I have been waiting to see it, but every single time, it’s been completely out in the $1 rental box LOL. I do not like musicals, but I am willing to suffer through one LOL for Johnny Depp. I had no idea he was in Nightmare on Elm Street. I have seen all of those many times LOL. He is VERY talented!

  2. Yes, he was in the first one. He was Glen, Nancy’s boyfriend in the movie he was the one who lived across the street. Freddy came our of Glen’s waterbed to kill him. That was Jonny Depp’s first movie. I forgot he is also in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (but he is listed as Oprah Noodlemantra-that is his alternative name) he is the guy on T.V. doing the brain on drugs commercial.

    Here are clips from the two movies:
    PLEASE ONLY click the links if you are OVER 17 or have a parents permission. Thank you!

  3. Hahaha.. Oprah Noodlemantra? that is HILARIOUS! I think he should just stick with Johnny Depp LOL. I remember now..I guess I just never put 2 and 2 together on it LOL!

  4. Yea I know that name makes me laugh! It is funny re-watching old movies and seeing stars who have since made it big and how they have changed…or lack their of!

  5. Johnny Depp is one awesome actor, though a little artsy sometimes. I never thought of seeing this movie, it looked like jack the ripper from the posters.

    I can’t get myself to see a musical in the near future. I saw Phantom of the Opera and I didn’t enjoy it.

  6. Yes he is very artsy at times. The poster did not remind me of Jack the Ripper but it did remind me of From Hell which was based on him.

    I own Phantom and think it is a pretty good movie but it is not near as good as the play. Sweeney Todd is quite different from Phantom. WAY different actually. You should see it anyway!

  7. I will, J.D. never ceases to surprise. The only movie of his I felt was very boring was the Secret Window.

    btw, I wrote up a write up for The Guru, on the college system, I ‘ll be sending it to you soooooon.

  8. I said before 90% of his other movies he did great job on but what I really meant was I like 90% of his movies because even when the movie stunk I still think he did a good job! The 10% includes movies such as The Secret Window, Ed Wood, and Finding Neverland.

  9. I actually enjoyed him in Finding Neverland. It seemed like a totally different side for him..guess that’s why I enjoyed it..but the movie did drag abit… I kinda like the Secret Window, but basically because it was because it was due to a mental issue of his own.. I like weird stuff though 🙂

  10. Yes I think his acting is great no matter the movie but I thought FN was horrible. The SW intrigued me at first then went really lame. The whole corn thing…dumb. Oh I like weird stuff too as long as it keeps me interested and it is not stupid.

  11. Pick your genre………. :))WmWb, I’m write about a movie I like from it.

  12. 6mile how about a Comedy or a romance?

  13. ALright, I’ll write a comedy/romance after my mid terms 😛

  14. Mid-terms over already?

  15. no, i have them next week , i need a break. I don’t feel like studying these days

  16. When I heard about it I begged my mom to take me to see it, but she hates movies like that. Anyway, she finally took me to see it, and I was in awe. Tim Burton is my favorite director, and Johnny Depp is my favorite actor so it was perfect. It also has Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen, Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall. All of which are amazing actors. Now I own it, and I watch it all the time. Tim Burton will never cease to amaze me.

  17. Hannah thank you for your comment. As I said I love the movie. However, I will not buy it until it is released on blu-ray. I refuse!

  18. OKay, I finally rented three movies!

    The first was “why did I get married”. Pretty boring and I hated Janet Jackson in it. I actually fell asleep and didnt see the end.

    Second is Sweeney Todd. I admit I got it because of J.D. I guess I dont really like musicals(though I did enjoy Chicago), and wanted to stop watching within the first half hour. I plugged on anyway, but fell asleep somewhere past the middle point. I will finish it tonight though.

    On a positive note, I finally got some good sleep!

    Third one I rented was “Enchanted”, which Im going to watch right now 🙂

  19. Yay I am proud of you!

    Why did I get married did not seem like it would interest me.

    I am not real big into musicals either but sweeney todd is really good I say re-watch it and stay awake and give it another shot hehe.

    Ahh sleep is good!

    Let us know how you like Enchanted!

  20. Hey Whitey – I actually saw this one too cuz Ang rented it. I loved it, but again with the depressing endings. ugh. However, the meat pies grossed me out so bad I couldn’t eat Chinese steam buns the next day when we were out to lunch. Steam buns look suspiciously like those meat pies, LOL

  21. Yea I hear you I was like eww YUCK… in the word’s of Eddie Izzard “humans taste like chicken” hahaha I hope I never have to find out if he is correct 😉

  22. i love that movie i saw when it first came out

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