Posted by: 6mile | April 11, 2008

50 First Dates

50 first dates

I saw 50 First Dates on T.V. a couple of years ago. It was one of the cutest movies ever! A commitment phobic lover boy who falls for that one “perfect girl”…The only problem is, she does not remember him the next day!  Hilarity follows.  I particularly liked the concept of how far one will go to get what they want. It is a lighthearted take on someone who has suffered with amnesia and the issues a guy goes though dating a girl who does not remember him the very next day. That must be a nightmare.

The family tries their very best to keep her existence over a single day, leaving her to wondrous oblivion. It stars the super cute ET star Drew Barrymore. I loved the way he (Adam Sandler) keeps her up to date. He uses a video cassette, fast forwarding her through her history.

In all, it is a movie everyone should watch at least once.



  1. I thought the movies was cute. I did not think it was either of their best work though. I do not own it but I would watch it again. I thought the movie was only 3 stars though.

  2. I like the movie, it was like stranger than fiction the glass house, just different.

    did you get my mail ? on the guru, I sent you a write up.

  3. I did not really care for Stranger than Fiction it was too depressing and The Glass House I thought was stupid 😦

    yep got it and replied

  4. I thought the glass house was kinda stupid too. It was too much like I know what you did last summer, etc. There were a whole string of movies like that during that time.

  5. 50 first dates was okay…but not a fan favorite. Both are great actors, but just not that great in this movie. I LOVE Adam Sandler, but this is just not the first movie that comes to mind when I think of his work.

  6. Hi there. I feel a little dumb asking this but…. Who wrote the article? Is there a way to know? Are there three authors on this blog? But all three commented here, and the opinions sound different than the main post! So I am really confused :p

  7. errrrr……….I wanted to say The Lake House, hehe. 😛
    one big big slip 😉

  8. Was the Lake house the one with Sandra Bullock? If so.. I didn’t watch it simply because of her hehe. My mom likes her, but for some reason, she gets on my nerves a bit. Everyone said the movie was good though.. I may have to break down and watch it anyway..

  9. HAHA yea um Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.. btw I thought the lake house was good. It was not an owner more like a 3 or 3 1/2 stars. I like most all of Sandra’s work. Sometimes her voice annoys me but I think she acts very well!

  10. Mirchi- please do not feel dumb asking something. I am sorry it is not clear for our readers I will have to fix that. Thank you for expressing. 6mile is the author of 50 First Dates. He liked the movie a lot more than than Ara and I did. hehe. There are three authors and we all usually do comment on the posts. We have our own pages on here that tell a little bit about us: The Connoisseur, The Guru, and The Scientist.

  11. Mirchi..nah, don’t feel that way. Sometimes stuff takes me a while too LOL. So, the first time we were doing this, I had to figure it out too, but under the name of the title, it says by …
    Do not feel dumb though 🙂

  12. Mirchi I changed the blog up a bit to make it more “user friendly” I hope it helps with confusion. Thanks.

  13. I swear I looked everywhere for a “by so and so” lol. Now I see it so clearly.
    Thanks for being nice and not calling me a moron!

  14. HAHAHA no no we would never say that about you, perhaps about an actor though!

  15. Ok well… I have caught bits and pieces of this movie on TV(mostly passing through the room while my hubby is watching, or half listening while on the internet, etc). So, I figure I will give an input since its one of the few I can comment on here, lol.

    I dont like this one, from what Ive seen. Its definitely not my type of movie. Of course, I do tend to hate romantic comedies.

    Thats all 😀

    Oh, and Im looking forward to the next review! Come on people! 😀

  16. I’ve been busy watching tons of movies, haha.

  17. Ok ok ok I just added one for ya! I will have to go back later and add the tags and stuff though. enjoy!

  18. Yay! hehe

  19. LOL, I’ve got a couple written, I just haven’t published them yet LOL.

  20. 50 First Dates was a genius chick flick; awesome scenery too, made me want to live in Hawaii

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