Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | April 16, 2008

The Three Duds

A recent comment of mine (on another blogger’s page) made me decided to put the three movies I saw this last week into one review, or more so what to title it. I think The Three Duds about sums it up. Hey, hey, that is not to say “do not read my post” because I do not write for myself.. I saw the movies. I write for YOU!

Ok so let me start with…

It was supposed to be an AWESOME movie…. It won 2 Oscars with another 46 wins & 40 nominations. Am I crazy for not liking it? Maybe I am, or maybe the critics are on something. Give me some of what they have! I am VERY glad I did not see this movie in the theater (I had thought about it). I am a bit disappointed I rented it from Blockbuster and not Redbox because it would have been cheaper.

The movie was very slow. It jumped forward in time without making note of it. At times it had me scratching my head and WORST of all I thought the ending was so stupid.  The cinematography was good I will give the critics that but everything else pretty much blew. I liked the acting. I HATED the score (background music, sounds, etc). The movie gave me a headache.

Speaking of this movie. My husband came home yesterday and told me his co-worker bought There Will Be Blood. He then told me of the conversation that transpired.

 My husband: “did you open it yet?”

His co-worker “No… WHY?

My husband “DON’T, rent it first and then decide if you want to own it”.

So it is not just me people. I give the movie 2 stars with a reminder to myself not to watch anymore Academy Award Winners before hearing a review from someone who has seen it first.


Next let’s go with…

I saw the cover of this movie and thought “why have I not heard anything about this movie before”. Usually that is a bad sign… though I have found a couple of good movies that way. The movie had some really good actors in it. One being Jennifer Connelly, who happens to be one of my husband’s favorites because he thinks she is hot, not because of her acting skills (even though he will tell you otherwise). I do not think she is hot but I do like her acting.

The acting was pretty good. The story was ok nothing out of the ordinary. Everything else was alright. This movie was very depressing. After the movie ended I seriously was crying and I was feeling horrible. I was like WTF.  (read: I had no idea why I was crying). I do not know if I would have liked this movie more if I had not been a parent but since I am one I guess I will never know.

Note: I do hope I never have to find out what the parents were going through. I give the movie 3 stars. If you like depressing movies then watch this one.


Usually one saves the best for last but not me…

I was ALWAYS a fan of this T.V. show. I was very excited when I heard the movie was being made and even more so when it came out. I wanted to see it in the theater but never got a chance to, so when it came out on DVD I just HAD rent it. I wanted to buy it but my husband would not “let me” because he was did not have a much faith in the movie as I did. I am very glad he did not “allow” me to purchase it.

I was EXTREMELY disappointed in this movie. I did not like the acting (even though I like the actors), the music was way to trendy (I am not even that old), and a lot of the movie seemed forced (read: they were trying too hard). I think the movie was directed at the tween and teen age groups. I should have paid more attention to the movie poster. The movie was so bad my two children were not even interested in it… Let me take that back and instead say the only parts my kids liked were the singing ones.

I have one friend who LOVED this movie (she happens to be just outside of a teenager).  I think true Alvin and the Chipmunk fans will be just as disappointed as I was. This movie gets 1 star.



  1. Alvin and the chipmunks was a must see, but the trailer itself was not so much enticing, I wanted to see there will be blood coz I heard DDL was awesome, its a slow movie for sure.
    Yet to watch any of them!

  2. I thought the trailer was ok but the movie was not good. I tried watching it twice to see if my mind would change…it didn’t.

    Daniel Day-Lewis’s acting was GREAT I will give the movie that, unfortunately it is not all about the acting…sometimes the s l o w n e s s can make you bored hahaha

  3. Woah! Look at your playground over here— you are all off the chain! I wish I had more movie knowledge…

    Man I’ve been so busy. I need to think of a really, juicy, controversial post for my next appearance…

  4. ha ha thanks NK. Feel free to chime in it is never to late to learn! Plus you do not need to have knowledge of movies to know if you like one or not!

    Ah a “hot” topic huh? I am sure YOU can think of something that will spark people!

  5. Dude, I just finished watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. I am visiting my parents house, so mom rented it. Well, she wanted to see it more than I did. I had heard pretty much the same opinions as WmWB shared with us about it. I was just waiting until it was on TV to watch it. I felt it was too forced in parts too. Especially everytime Dave yelled ALVINNNN!!!.. esp at the end. I thought it was cute in parts, like Theodore snuggling up when he had a bad dream, but I dunno.. I was a Big fan of the cartoon show growing up in the 80’s. I was really disappointed in the animation/whatever you call it of the chipmunks. Why try to make them the correct life-size? They never were in the cartoons. I dunno.. I just was really….just not impressed. The other two WmWB mentioned did not appeal to me at all after reading the back cover synopsis. I’ll wait until they’re out on tv.

  6. I hear ya Ara!

  7. OMG OMG 6mile, ara, and I are the 3 chipmonks and wmwb is dave! hahahah… i can’t wait until the batman movie comes out too, i’m going to be all over that! i got a new post up…

  8. lol well Alvin is the one always in trouble so I guess that is you. Simon is the brainy one so that is Ara and that leaves the lovable Theodore for 6mile….HEY it does fit… except I am Dave…. Well I guess I could be since I am a parent and always trying to keep everyone in line!

  9. haha, there ya go!.. I am definitely simon LOL

  10. Oh this again, lol. Hey this one actually fits quite well!!! Love it.

  11. hahaha yea you will find us four are usually doing this!

  12. lucky me ! 🙂

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