Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | May 6, 2008


So the regulars here should already know Iron Man was on my “Must See” list for April/May. If you missed that post you can read it by clicking here.

Like most of the movies I am super excited to see I went to see it opening night. Well kinda, I went to the midnight showing on Friday (so it was technically Saturday morning). Even though it was so late the anticipation kept me awake. I think my body was so pumped with adrenalin I could have fueled a car…that is if cars used adrenalin lol. I was surprised that there were so many people in the theater so late at night. I think now that I am a parent I just assumed everyone else in the world was like me, which means everyone would usually be in bed by 10 most nights.

Now that I have this blog I am always paying close attention to the movie trailers to see if there are any good up and coming movies that I have missed hearing about. This time there was not BUT I did get to see another Indy trailer and a trailer for The Incredible Hulk (both of which were cool). I was a bit disappointed because I had heard rumors that The X-FIles: I Want to Believe trailer would be premiered with Iron Man and it was not.

For those of you who do not know what the movie is about please refer to the link embedded at the top for the movie’s info.

I was so pleased with the movie! The action was superb, the special effects were “the bomb”, the music was phenomenal, and the storyline was good too. I think the true fans of the comic would be pleased with the adaptation. I also think non comic book fans will enjoy this movie too!

*If you go see this movie make sure you stay until all the credits are over because there is an additional *teaser* scene!

I give this movie 5 stars and I will be adding it to my blu-ray collection when it comes out!



  1. I saw Iron Man, the suit was good and the movie well made, I haven’t seen a super hero in a while so it was real enjoyable The trailer gives most of it away and all it took was to read a single review to know who the villain was.

  2. ARGH! I was soooo disappointed in it! I liked the movie, BUT, the trailers ruined it. They played ALL of the most interesting parts all over the tv, so when I saw it in theaters, I was all pumped up, expecting even MORE action… and that was it. Plus, um, my mood had already been dampered and RUINED by a few other people that I happened to be there with. I’ll explain that in a further blog thread soon. All I can say, is when you are lonely and in need of company, you can become a glutton for punishment…

    I only give the movie 4 1/2 stars simply due to the media RUINING it because they showed the ending in a commercial.. *sigh*
    I think the NEW incredible HULK looks awesome though..they also said an X-Men 4 was coming soon as well. I will hold out for it on video because the 3rd lacked a lot to be desired. But as for other Marvel comic movies up and coming, I canNOT wait until the new Batman appears..and I must comment on Christian Bale’s hotness..*sorry guys*!

  3. Yea the trailers did not leave too much out but I was not bothered by it. I usually am only bothered by it when the movie is a thriller/suspense/horror etc.

    Ara-Batman is a DC Comic character not Marvel lol but I am SUPER stoked about the Dark Knight.
    The Hulk Remake does look real good!
    As for X-Men 4 it is still rumored. I would watch it in the theater though (I liked X-Men 3 a couple of issues with it but I still own it) There is however X-Men Origins:Wolverine and X-Men Origins: Magneto both coming out in 2009 which could be decent.

  4. I have GOT to see some movies soon! lol. Just so I can participate in these discussions. Most of what I watch is kids movies. And I might catch a rare one from red box, hehe. I noticed red box had The Kite Runner, but I really wanted to read the book first. By the time I do that, it probably wont be at redbox anymore. If it is even now. When I finally see a movie it will be old news here, lol.

    Ohh, sorry to get offtopic!

  5. The Dark Knight looks good. Heath Ledgers last movie :(. Ed Norton as a Super Hero looks interesting and The GI Joe costumes look awesome.

    Mirchi ! watching movies is such a Time Pass, Different movies, diffrent styles, diffrent stories being told,it really lets you run away from life sometimes , just for those 2 hours. You can try getting the netflix $15 pm deal, its a pretty nice deal, you get to watch a lot of movies, no late chargers, mailed to you and you can mail them back when ever you like.

    The Kite Runner, looks really nice :). I wanted to see The Warrior too, but I don’t know where to get it. You must definitely watch “Life is Beautiful”, its one of the sweetest sad movie ever and makes you look at the brighter side of life.

  6. Believe it or not the majority of movies I watch are also kids movies LOL. You can view the titles available at and view ones in your local box too. I have heard that the book Kite Runner was a good read but only once. Those I know who read the book said they would not see the movie due to some of the issues in the book having to be potrayed in the movie. They all said the book was way depressing.

    As for Netflix, I was a member 7 yrs ago. I liked it alright but at that time the only package was $20 a month and I was a poor college student. Blockbuster has the same deal except you can go and switch out in the store as well as by mail. I don’t do either lol I go to Redbox usually on Mondays (because I get the free rental codes).

  7. Doh, got my comics mixed up…as usual LOL.. hey, at least I remembered that they were comic book characters right? hahaha
    How do you get free rental codes through redbox? They just started the redbox here, although the grocery store has had a $1 rental box for a while, but it’s not redbox, and the machine doesn’t seem to ever be in order anymore LOL.

  8. yea true, many applause for remembering that! 🙂

    I went to and signed up for free rental codes texted to my cell phone.
    I think I will start putting free rental codes on here lol. They are every Monday (and starting today every Wednesday too!) The rental code for today is 14LRL9 (the code expires at midnight tonight) Also you will need to return the movie before 9pm tomorrow (so you are not charged).

  9. I typically dont like to watch movies(that might be a sacrilege to say that here, hehe).
    Though there are great movies out there, I feel vast majority is ave-below ave(to me), and I guess I just hate sitting for 2 hours for that. Not knocking it or anything, thats just me. I know Im weird. My hubby is a movie FANATIC. I think Im better at watching ave movies than I once was.

    Yesterday the latest batman(I think) was on Tv and I thought, oh this might be interesting. I tried to watch but then it got too “actiony” and I got bored. I had other momish stuff to do anyway.

    My library has kite runner on a wait list and I did get it out once. I began to read, and really liked it, but didnt have time to finish it, unfortunately. Stupid of me. I read Thousand splendid suns last month though. It was really good.

    I have seen “Life is Beautiful” and its one of the top ones in my list! Have you seen “The Pianist”? Its a good one too.

    I tend to like two extremes of movies: very serious and sad, or completely ridiculous, yet done in a clever way(not what I call base humor, such as toilet and sx jokes). There are some other ones I enjoy too…. like “catch me if you can”. I cant explain why, maybe I was just in the right mood on those days, lol. But the netflix deal would be wasted on me. First of all Im a cheapskate, secondly I cant remember to return things and I procrastinate, thirdly we did try the blockbuster monthly deal once and I ended up renting stuff, not watching it, and returning it, 😀

    Anyway thanks for the suggestions! I do like redbox because its just a dollar, so even if you dont like it, you dont feel you have lost much. I have been more in the mood to see a movie lately, guess you guys are rubbing off on me 😉

    I will check out for sure! And yes, do tell how you get the free rental codes!

  10. Oh I was writing at the same time as you, WMWB. Hey thanks for the code!!! Maybe Ill go rent one tonight itself!

  11. Oh okay, thanks, that is cool. I am definitely going to go find me a movie then 🙂

  12. whitey I’ve never even seen a commercial for this flick. I would comment more, but I’m mostly clueless when it comes to movies. 😦 (Unless of course it’s got Jet Li in it – then of course I know all those movies because of you-know-who.)

  13. Mirchi-I love your little disclaimers (just my opinion kind of things) they make me laugh. Do not worry I understand that movies are not EVERYONES bag lol BUT I do not wanna hear you cannot watch a movie due to “motherly” duties lol I have two children (soon to be 2 yr old and a 3 1/2 yr old) and as you see I see plenty lol. I think it is all where our hearts/priorities are 🙂
    As for the free codes you can find them here from now on or you can sign up for texts to your cell at ‘s website.
    I think you are correct that most movies are average (3 stars). I do not mind watching average or above movies I get pissy at anything under 3 stars, it is then that I feel like you (wasting your time).
    As for the Batman Begins (if that is what movie it was) I liked it alot (I may have said that before). I did not think it was too “actiony” lol I thought Forbidden Kingdom on the other hand was bordering it.
    OMG if I didn’t know better I would swear you were my MIL lol she read both those books and those are her favorite genres. She also is not a big movie person…weird. How old are you?
    Ara or 6mile may have seen The Pianist, I did not because I am not big into that type of movie and a friend I know did not like it.

  14. CA-If you look at the post at the bottom there is a video lol it has a lot of the movies plot in it. 🙂
    How about you send me an e-mail or myspace or something and give me a list of recently viewed movies or message me when you watch a new one and every now and then I will try to watch those and review them hahahahaha. 😉

  15. LOL, yeah the disclaimers… I think Ive been around too many (virtual) people who get offended easily!!!!!!!! I tend to be a straight-shooter, and some people dont like that.

    Oh, but I wasnt making an excuse. I probably watched 10 mins MAX of the movie, in the middle of it at that, and was saying that I would RATHER do mom stuff than watch the rest of it 😛 And it was bedtime! Well, it doesnt take much action scenes for me to lose interest.

    No, Im not your MIL lol! I promise!! My fav type of books are those written by Asians, or even Asian-themed. (Not Indian, but Chinese/Japanese, etc)

  16. Mirchi, it was the latest made Batman last night, called Batman Begins. I like the movie myself, but I am drawn to action movies. As for the Pianist, I have not seen it because it honestly didn’t look that interesting to me. You might ask 6mile if he has seen it though…

  17. I’ve wanted to see the pianist to see Adrian Broody, I liked the trailer when it came out, but never got around to watching it :(. I will soon though.

  18. Iron Man has an awesome sound track , I just can stop listening to Back in Black, ohhhhh and I almost forgot about Led Zeppelin , whooooaaaa, Iron Man

  19. LOL, definitely!

  20. I saw speed racer recently and fail to see why it bombed at the box office 😦
    Has anyone seen Indy 4, it was a kick ass movie, but crusaders of the lost arc should be my fav, still.

  21. Well lets see some reviews mr.! lol. I have a few personal things I have been ironing out and will be back in full force soon. My hubby saw Indy 4 and thought it was bad ass. As far as speed racer I think it bombed because of the other movies it released around (Iron Man being the biggest) not because it was a bad movie.

  22. They are coming ! 🙂

  23. hehehe ok good 😉

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