Posted by: 6mile | May 31, 2008

An American Crime

While surfing through the internet, I happen to run across a movie trailer for Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door. Further investigation lead me to a movie titled An American Crime. I have not seen the movie as of yet, but the trailer ( has left me with mixed reactions: To see or not To see.

I am shocked to see people are capable of such hideous acts against other human beings. Sylvia Likens looks like she was such an innocent and sweet girl. I could hardly go through her wikipedia page without many after thoughts. It looks like Hell is right here on earth.

Picture of Sylvia Likens



  1. I looked up the movie and the trailer and the wiki page for Sylvia and all the other stuff…. I was sickened. That is so sad and what is worse is things like this happen more than we know. I do not know if I will be watching this movie because of how upset I am just thinking and reading it. sigh. I know why they picked Ellen Page to play her though… they look a bit alike!

  2. I still don’t know whether to see this movie or not. I’m leaning towards it, because I saw the trailer of another movie based on this film , Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door.

  3. i just want to say god bless everybody who went through this stuff same. as sylvia.

    god bless,


  4. hi I am from mexico, I saw this movie yesterday and I was shocked I cant believe this really happened, this movie made me cry, I cant believe there are people that can do this kind of things, they are monsters, I am very sorry for that girl, really sorry, this history was very shocking, sorry silvia wherever your are rest in peace, i am really sorry

  5. this is my video of the inside of the house on 10/22/08.

    http:// watch?v=0yXE7rUeNmk

  6. I watched the vid.. during watching the vid my comp alerted me to a trojan virus that was trying to infect my comp… I do not know if it had anything to do with the vid (or if that is even possible) but I wanted everyone to know in advance the possibility just in case.

  7. I haven’t seen this movie , and though I don’t mind watching gore, the very thought that it is true turns me away from seeing this movie

  8. Thanks for the head’s up WmWB.. perhaps.. his link to the vid should be removed? just for safety reasons..?

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