Posted by: 6mile | July 2, 2008

A Knight’s Tale + Brokeback Mountain


A Knight’s Tale

A Knight’s Tale provides an explosive fusion, a La Romeo+Juliet. A modern tale set in the medieval ages. It carries itself off with panache a few movies with similar credentials have received. The basic plot is a guy who sets out to defy the laws of aristocracy and triumphs.

Rock Music sure rocks the medieval theme. The action scenes are cool, and the film just grows on you. It was so much fun to watch. I just wanted it to keep on going on forever. The chanting, the jokes and the MC.

Let’s not forget it catapulted little know Aussie Heath Ledger to super stardom and into the hearts of millions.


Brokeback Mountain

This movie was one of those movies, I didn’t want to watch but was curious how it might be. Being gay is very taboo where I come from, just talking about it can get you in trouble. Enough to become a social outcast. I always wonder how a guy can be attracted to another guy. Walking on a street I find 9 in 10 girls pretty in some way or the other. But I cant seem to find 1 in a 1,000,000,000 men attractive, lol.

This movie has changed my outlook in a way. It does not tell the story of two gay men, rather it tells the story of two people; who’s friendship grew when they were cut out from rest of the world. It tells us love transcends everything. They shared a relationship most of us keep looking for all our lives.

I cant wait to see his latest flick The Dark Knight, the cinematography seems so surreal.

Why so serious ?



  1. I love a knights tale even though it isnt accurate to the period it is a great one. I never saw Brokeback mountain but maybe sometime I will. I CANNOT wait for The Dark Knight!!!

  2. 6mile, I like what you wrote about Brokeback Mountain, about it not being about 2 gay people, but 2 guys that discovered a relationship between themselves. That was well written.

    I love watching A Knight’s Tale, like WmWB said, it’s not accurate to the period, but I enjoy it never-the-less. As for The Dark Knight…sooooooon!!!!

  3. Yippee Yay , I cant wait for The Dark Night to come Out ! 🙂

  4. I have just been to see the Dark Knight and I can say that Heath Ledger really made the movie. It is such a waste that he will not be able to come back in future movies. R.I.P

  5. He was an entertainer, I cant say so much for a lot of people in film today

  6. I love u heath!!
    what a pity that u passed away in your best moment…
    brokeback, batman everything perfect…
    i couldn’t tolarate gay people a few months ago but now, is different i didn’t see the movie and i won’t do it but is not necesary….

    i dream whit you all nights..
    i will always remember you..


  7. hmm well Janna I will see about passing those kind words on to Heath in heaven. Thanks for the comment..

  8. what do you mean exactly by “the cinematography seems so surreal”?????

  9. I am pretty sure he meant that the way the movie was shot made it seem very dreamlike/fantastic/unbelievable.

  10. *Comment deleted due to posters stupidity and lack of moral and manners* -WMWB

  11. Just like it was difficult to replace Jack Nicholson as the Joker, it will be extra hard replacing Heath Ledger. Any actor willing to fill his shoes has balls the size of brokeback mountain.

  12. I agree 100%

  13. Well said!

  14. Ledger, is not the best actor in the world, I like the way he becomes one with the role. It it was not for him, I would never have watched brokeback.

  15. Are you all foreign or {explict} stupid? learn to {explict} spell and grow up.

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    Wow thank you for your colorful comment and question. Unless you have something beneficial to add to our discussions like a review of your own, I would prefer you to not comment here. You seem racist and we discriminate against your kind here.
    I would advise however, before you go commenting on our site in the future you read everyone’s bio pages and the disclaimer page so you do not look like the fool you just made yourself look like…

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