Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | July 19, 2008

Stink Bombs…

I was not impressed with the following movies:

Lions for Lambs (something missing in the message),

Strange Wilderness (a lot of laughs but that’s about it),

Mad Money (good idea but a bad execution),

Before the Devil Knows Your Dead (too long and drawn out)

If you have not guessed I thought they stunk pretty bad. I guess I would give each one of them 2 stars for their efforts… though, I am not  sure they actually deserve my kindness.. especially Mad Money (I almost want to smack Katie Holmes for picking this movie over The Dark Knight) and Lions for Lambs, both of these movies had A List Actors/Actresses and I am sure a big budget to go along with them. Sadly, the movies are sinking in my mind faster than the Titanic. 

That is all the time I wish to waste on these four titles.



  1. Strange Wilderness made me want to gauge my eyes out. Par for the course for Happy Madison though. I knew what I was getting myself into.

    But Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead a pretty damn good movie.

  2. Hello radiodan and thanks for the comment. The reason I did not like BTDKYD was I felt it was too long and drawn out plus I hated how they cut the movie. The story and acting was really good though.

  3. WmWB, I haven’t watched Lions for Lambs nor Mad Money because I had heard the same things, that they just weren’t worth watching. That they were actually quite silly (Mad Money) and boring (LFL). The other two I guess I hadn’t heard of to be honest.

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