Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | July 20, 2008

D.K. Pt. 1

This is the first of three reviews for The Dark Knight. You can view the second review here. All three of us here at The Movie Connoisseur wanted to give you our own perspectives on this movie, since we so often differ in opinion. 

So, I went to see The Dark Knight Thursday night, well technically, it was Friday morning. I bought advanced tickets from for the only midnight showing. I got to the theater one hour early expecting to wait in line but was surprised to find the theater uber packed. I was like “how are so many people going to fit in one theater and where is the line?”

Apparently, once the theater sold out the midnight showing they added extra screens at the same time plus they added additional showings at 12:30 and 12:45. They did not have the usual lines formed because  1/2 of the 24 theaters was showing only The Dark Knight so if one theater was full then you could go into another theater and find a seat. It was a sight to behold.

I was also shocked that I only saw a few people dressed up (no I was not if you are wondering). One guy was dressed as the original Batman version of The Joker, one dude had just the Joker’s face paint, and a few people were wearing Batman Tees. I heard from a man sitting next to me that there was a guy dressed as Batman there also but I did not get the “pleasure” of seeing him.

I was disappointed with the previews, I had hoped to see some really neat ones but instead I got a few that looked less than desirable. The only one I was half interested in was The Mummy Curse of The Dragon Emperor. It looks good but they replaced the leading actress which is a pet peeve of mine plus after The Mummy Returns I am skeptical that it will be good.

Anyway on to The Dark Knight….

The first 6 minutes of the movie were the exact same as the video I posted in my previous post titled Why So Serious?  So, while watching (not so intently) I opened my candy, munched on my pretzel bites while sipping my Coke but once those first few minutes were over it was time to put down the items and get down to business!

The movie was all that I expected and more. I loved the cinematography and pyrotechnics. I thought the acting was very good and believable (even though this is a fictitious film). As I said previously Maggie replaced Katie as the character of Rachel Dawes. I was happy with her performance and thought she blew Katie’s out of the water but I still thought she too could have done better. The score was really good minus the few times a repetitive sound went off… it was like an annoying siren. The script was pretty good. I thought they could have done a bit more character building but I loved how they added some quirky things when dealing with The Joker and how they further showed that this Batman series is different from all the rest.

Heath’s performance as The Joker was great. He pulled off what many people thought only Jack could. I have to say I think his Joker was darker and more psychotic. He was like a rebel without a cause. It was total mayhem. Last night I re-watched the original Batman and I almost starting laughing at how comical Jack’s Joker was in comparison. Christian continues to pull off a good Batman and Aaron’s Harvey Dent character was pretty good too but in comparison to his darker side (Two-Face) well, it was like two sides of a coin. I am still haunted by the movie.The last 30 or so minutes of the movie were controversial and were highly debated after the film ended (by my friend and I).

After the movie ended and the credits started rolling everyone in the theater started clapping and standing. I was a bit saddened because I kept thinking “well now what?” Until I remembered next week The X-Files: I Want to Believe comes out! I give The Dark Knight 4 1/2 stars! I think it is a must see for theaters and a definite Blu-ray purchase!



  1. I will be seeing Dark Knight this coming Saturday night at the Imax 🙂 I can’t wait wooohoooooooooo!

  2. YAY! I cannot wait to read your review of it!

  3. I haven’t seen it yet :(. I need to go watch it soooooon !

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