Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | August 4, 2008

Hello Redbox!

Today is that day!


Run don’t walk to the nearest Redbox and pick up a movie!



  1. Doh, it’s too darned hot to get back out! Argh! Another scorcher.. I really could do without 107 degree plus temps LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Texas, but there is a joke about the heat here. They say an old Texas cowboy did somebody wrong and went to hell. The Devil asked him how he was liking it, and he replied just fine. The Devil noticed the cowboy hadn’t even broken a sweat, so he asked him how he liked the temperature. The cowboy replied it was quite pleasant compared to the hot Texas weather, that he would take Hell any day over home LOL. Anyway, the joke goes something like that anyway..I don’t remember the whole thing.

  2. Dang that is way hot! I totally wouldn’t drive back out either.

    The place has been a bit quite lately. I am anxiously awaiting 6miles The Dark Knight review lol. Which reminds me, I went to see the movie again (with my hubby this time) this last friday night. I did not hear as much of the siren sounding music this time (I think I tuned it out) I also noticed a hint/clue (well a possible one). The part where Morgan Freeman says the suit should hold up against cats. I am thinking it was said because of catwoman! Who knows I guess we will have to wait for the next movie to see lol.

  3. OOOH, good one. I wondered about that comment when he made it, but I didn’t put two and two together.

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