Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | August 6, 2008

Woohoo Wednesday’s Back!

 I have a Wednesday Free rental code for you from our friends at Redbox!


In case you were wondering what to rent, Nim’s Island and Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay were both released yesterday and last week 21 was. 





  1. Doh, I wish I’d saw this last night before I rented Shutter hehehe.. it was.. alright.. I’ll write a review on it soon.

  2. I can’t wait until Monday.. I am off work AND it’s free rental code day..woohoo! 🙂

  3. That is awesome you are off! Maybe you could post a review LMAO 😉 I just got back from my vacation. I need to post a review this week myself… Speaking of posting, dang 6mile has been quiet lately I hope all is well.

  4. LOL, well, I thought I was going to get a review posted..but instead, my mom came to visit me. I usually just go home to visit because her health wasn’t on the up and this is the first time she’s been here in over a year.. YEAH!!! So..not review got done by me.. I am such a slacker LOL.

    Well, I had an interesting situation to come up.. My mom and I were talking about stuff, and my dad was passing through, so we went to dinner, he and I did last night. He told me I could invite some of my friends if I would like simply because he would like to meet them. Well, everyone is either out of town, busy or at none came along. Anyways, I was telling mom that..and then talking about what some of my friends and I had been up to, and I mentioned CS.. aka jerk. Yeah, he’s a great friend, but I gave up on him.. I just don’t care anymore. Mom goes, so what are you and he.. are you dating? I was like um, no, not anymore. My mom is very much aware that he is from India. I told her that we went on a few dates, but he is dating others, and we’re just good friends now. She was like.. oh it doesn’t matter to me.. just as long as he treats you well and makes you happy is what matters. WmWB, that totally blew me out of the water. She had and has absolutely no reservations about me dating a non-American with a few certain exceptions. She is totally okay with it. Someone’s coloring has never bothered her, but I am just so .. PROUD of her to being so open-minded. She comes from a generation that was very un-open minded. You know how terrified I was of telling them, esp my mom LOL.. so it is all good, which means no secret relationships with them. Dad just goes with the flow, so any other future endeavors, I will not hide from them. In fact, I will not hide it from anyone again, regardless of what is asked of me. That is not fair to me, and I am not going there/doing that again. Sorry this had nada to do with movies LOL.

  5. LOL yea you slacker! I am glad your fam is open and you should not hide it no matter what! So yea that was a book hehe I will log that away in the Ara’s love files hehehehe 😉 that sounds like a good movie!

  6. Hehehe. Maybe, just maybe, one of these days it will be a movie then LOL.

  7. I’m working on DK3 😛

  8. ’bout time you ole’ slacker hehe

  9. 6mile!!! OMG your back! I thought you were a ghost. Glad to see you back and still looking forward to reading the review!

  10. Hi!
    A couple weeks ago I saw a movie I loved and had to share it, so immediately thought of you movie buffs 😉
    As you know already, me raving about a movie is rare. I guess I have weird taste. Dont know.

    Anyway, the movie is called Farewell my concubine or Ba wang bie ji
    link here:
    It is not the same as the opera with the same name, but rather the story of two men who perform it. It has a very winding, unpredictable plot, which interweaves some chinese politcal history as well. Not in a documentary way, but in how it affects the characters lives.
    Long movie, and with subtitles but it was very good.

    I also discovered that the main character commited suicide a few years ago. So sad. I loved him in this.

  11. Oh sorry, the reason I posted that here is because its off topic as is, but didnt want to post under a different movie title…

  12. LOL yea your tastes do not favor on mine lol but that is what makes us all different! You do not need to appologize for posting that here ha ha ha 😉

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