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“A newly married couple, Benjamin and Rachael Shaw, discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident on their honeymoon/work trip in Japan. Fearing the manifestations may be connected, they investigate and learn that some mysteries are better left unsolved.”

Cast of Characters: Joshua Jackson as Benjamin Shaw; Rachael Taylor as Jane Shaw; Megumi Okina as Megumi Tanaka; David Denman as Bruno; John Hensley as Adam; Maya Hazen as Seiko; James Kyson Lee as Ritsuo.

MPAA Rating: (courtesy of

“Rated PG-13 for terror, disturbing images, sexual content and language.”

Stars: I would simply only give this 2 stars at most. Some of it was quite cheesy and boring. The plot lacked in places because it didn’t give you enough information to connect the dots until the very end. It was simply just not that well put together, plus Joshua Jackson was just unrealistic and unbelievable as his characher of Benjamin. I think he would do well to simply stick to TV Drama, and not worry about films. On the other hand, Rachael Taylor did an at least believable job for her character, but was not well matched with her leading man. She would have been much better off with someone with more experience that could lend to the dramatic effects.

Okay, I have to say, please do not waste your money on this movie. Just wait until it comes out on TV. Don’t even waste your free rental code on it because there are plenty of good movies out there. That being said, my opinion in no way reflects the thoughts of any other people, critics, movie goers, etc. out there. Feel free to disagree with me or not, it is your buck wasted..



  1. WmWB, I don’t know what got into me.. perhaps getting up at being at work by 9am.. no more laziness haha, but I have 3 other movie reviews in the drafts section. One is totally complete and ready to post, but 2 others might need just a little bit more.. The one with the dragons.. is complete though 🙂

  2. Lol, I’ve been very lazy myself. I cant wait to read the Babylon AD review, its been such a while since I saw a nice sci -fi. I have not seen the Shutter , but The Ring and The Grudge where movies i enjoyed, a lot.

  3. I wanted to see Shutter.. Perhaps I will if someone else wastes their free code on it lol. I liked the ring but hated the grudge.

  4. See, I am like WmWB, I liked the Ring, but I thought the Grudge was just stupid. To me, the Grudge was just a bad imitation of a movie I saw before but can’t remember what it was called. I think mostly it is the acting in this movie that lead me to not like it…

  5. when I was little and I would feel very scared, I would wrap myself in a blanket as tight as possible. I liked grudge, coz It made me feel unsafe even under the sheets, hehe

  6. haha I never felt safe. I was so afraid of the dark. I slept with my closet shut and I would jump from my bed to the door to turn on the light. The reason I did not like the Grudge or many of the JapanAmerican transition movies because I think they are cheesy

  7. I agree.. they always seem so cheesy. I really have never been afraid of the dark… but, you know, when you come from a family that sees spirits, you already know what can really exists..and what cannot LOL. Not many movies make me scared LOL.. I am one of those weirdos who just don’t get freaked out, no matter how much I would like it to LOL. Now, my little bro on the other hand was terrified of the dark because when we were little, I had a friend that was mean and told him that Freddy Kruger lived in my closet.. so he had issues for quite sometime..

  8. Um lets not talk about Freddy Kruger…. Let’s just say there is only two things that scare me more than the dark one is dying and the other is, you guessed it… even at my age. FYI never let your 3 yr old watch those movies. ROFL I would not flush toliets for years. I had HORRIBLE (and once in a while still do) dreams with him in them. I cannot hear the jump rope song and I cannot watch the movies. The clips I put on this site a while back when we were talking about Johnny Depp, yea let me say I was super scared finding them. I know what a weirdo at 25.

  9. I used to watch horror movies as a kid and get really scared and close my eyes tight and go to sleep, lol. hmm I have no idea who Freddy K is….:P

  10. Yea right… you have never seen any of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies? I am SURE you know. If not here are the links to the movie clips from our Sweeney Todd thread

    For our other readers please ONLY click the links if you are OVER 17 or have a parent’s permission. Thank you!

  11. Besides that Nightmare on Elm Street was on one of the upper channels last night on cable hehe. I am seriously not scared of hardly any movies.. I can tell you the one that did though.. White Noise.. Oh God, if you guys only knew *shudders*

  12. I HATED that movie, I thought it was SUPER dumb. My friends LOVED it. I took my DD when she was only a few months (like 2) with me and even with all the LOUD sounds she slept so peacefully…. now I am wondering if she is so crazy from some psychological effect LMAO j/k 😉

  13. hehe.. I am sure she is fine LOL..

  14. I’ve heard about nightmare on elm street, but never seen it. I ‘ve seen the jonny depp scene, so very funny ! :P. There is hardly anything for DD to get scared about , lol.

  15. LMAO yea…

  16. this place got awfully quiet, you must be super busy wmwb Weeee need new movie posts 😛

  17. LOL that is what I was thinking too!

  18. I have been a bit busy with things but they will calm down soon. I will be out of town for the first week of oct so you two will have to hold down the fort heh.

    6mile it is your turn to post dear lol when you post one then I will, deal?

  19. hehehe. I need to finish a couple I had in the works there myself. I’ve just been VERY distracted hehe

  20. Yeah, I need to post too, I’m probably going to do a quicke on the movies I want to watch 🙂

  21. Well, I posted on Babylon AD.. and it SUCKED

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