Posted by: 6mile | August 27, 2008

D.K. Pt. 3

I’ve been wanting to write this review for long but have been too lazy. I watched Gotham Knight a week before DK came out and It was a fun watch. The very first animation was interesting, all the little kids boast about batman like a mystical figure to this kid and walla! he appears out of no where. They were Animatrix style animation, which are always fun to watch. Little stories gelled up to show us what/who the dark knight really is.

I probably was the last to see the actual movie of us 3. Ohh man ! what a starting. I think I liked joker more than batman and Harvey Dent was played quiet well. His transition into 2 Face, was nice and I guess the next movie will build upon that. However, I found the scene where batman has to choose between love and duty a little cheesy. But, It was a lovely movie to watch. There was no good vs evil fight, everyone had they’re shade of Grey.

Batman is my favorite Super Hero and the Joker was Brilliant. What else could a movie goer ask for 🙂



  1. I agree with you.. I loved joker much more than batman. I have to disagree with you on the cheesy choice part. I think it had to be that way or else it would have seemed much more cheesy. I do wonder however, if they were going to kill her off why even put her in the second one (changing the actress out and all).. those thoughts make me think of catwoman, perhaps she was somehow saved by cats before the explosion and is bitter with batman for not saving her/letting harvey get turned into two face… speaking of which, how do you figure they could build apon two face in the next movie??? he died in this one lol.

  2. Oh, I didn’t think he actually chose. I honestly thought Batman accidently chose the wrong one to save… via wrong information. I honestly thought Joker told him wrong on purpose..I must have missed something when I was watching.. I got a little vertigo-ish since it was on IMAX, so that might have been one of those moments.. I’ll just have to watch it again LOL.

  3. They dint actually show Two Face die, or a body or something, so he still might be back, haha. That scene was the turning point, ara 😛

  4. LMAO yea true but I think you have as likely of a chance that he will be back as I do for Rachel Dawes to be CatWoman haha. Yes that scene was very crucial LOL.

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