Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | October 12, 2008

Movies for the Fall/Winter

Originally, I was going to do my “normal list” for Aug/Sept and for Oct/Nov and so on and so forth but before I knew it August had come and gone and then came September and it past by too and now it is October so, I am scrapping that idea. As you can probably tell by the title, my new idea is now upcoming movies for the whole Fall/Winter (this entails Aug 08-March 09). Sorry about that.


Purple = my “MUST See” in theaters. 

Black = looks entertainingto me.

Green = The Guru aka 6mile.

Blue = The Scientist aka Ara.

 Red = updated information.

August *

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Pineapple Express

Tropic Thunder

September *

Bangkok Dangerous

Burn After Reading

The Women (I saw this one, it was pretty good. It was a bit like a more grown up version of sex and the city… like if they were to do a sequel 10 or so years down the line. I thought it was worth 3 1/2 stars.)


My Best Friend’s Girl

Eagle Eye  (I did manage to get to the theater to see this, it was pretty good. It was a bit like I, Robot and a bit like Enemy of the State but I will give it 4 stars because of the angle/spin it put on the concept/idea.)

Appaloosa – Sept 19 (this has been out a few weeks, but I have yet had time to get to see it)

Nights in Rodanthe Sept 26 (this movie was simply freaking awesome, but definitely a chick flick. If you liked The Notebook, you’ll love this one too!)


Body of LiesOct 10th

Quarantine Oct 10th

Max PayneOct 17th

Pride and Glory Oct 24th

The Haunting of Molly Hartley – Oct 31st


Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaNov 7th

Role ModelsNov 7th

Quantum of Solace – Nov 14th

Bolt Nov 21st

TwilightNov 21st (This appeals to my sci-fi loving self as well)

Transporter 3Nov 26th

Four Christmases – Nov 26th


Punisher: War Zone – Dec 5th

The Day the Earth Stood StillDec 12th

The Tale of DespereauxDec 19th

Bedtime StoriesDec 25th

The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonDec 25th

Marley & Me Dec 25th

The SpiritDec 25th

ValkyrieDec 26th


Notorious Jan 16th

Underworld: Rise of the LycansJan 23rd

Chilled in MiamiJan 30th


He’s Just Not That Into YouFeb 6th

PushFeb 6th 

ObsessedFeb 7th


Race to Witch MountainMarch 13th


* These months have already past .. just in case you did not know/remember this (most of these movies you will still be able find in the theaters).



  1. I saw The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, lacks the excitement of the first part for me. Igor was nice and simple.

    I am probably going to watch Eagle Eye soon

  2. Aw man you got to see Igor I have to wait for it on dvd now it is no longer at my theater. oh well.

  3. wmwb, I just saw the trailer for Watchmen , now i feel like I have to make my own list , haha.

  4. ah watchmen! forgot that one! nice. just add yours to the list silly! add yours in green and we will add that to the key. how about that?

  5. I agree with 6mile.. the new Mummy just wasn’t nearly as good as before, and it didn’t help that they replaced Eide (sp?) with a new lady. Rachel Weisz did an excellent job before and it would have been much better if she’d been in this one as well.
    OOOh I did go see the movie Quarantine.. I will put a post up as soon as I have spare time.. as for now, I’m off to bed.. to see the wonderful wizard of oz… hehe LOL

  6. yea I was a bith miffed about the switch from rachel too.. and ara if you want to add to the list add yours in blue

  7. Okie m’dokie LOL

  8. There were a couple on yours WmWB that I’d like to see as well such as Underworld.. I have Underworld: Revolution on DVD.. my bro got it for me for Christmas.. I love my sci-fi with vampires, dragons, etc.. it is my escape from the world as we know it as normal. I also definitely want to see Twilight, plus a few others. I will post a review of Quarantine in a few days.. it’s right up the Scientist part alley of me hehehe. I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I decided to definitely not persue pharmacy school. I made some big decisions over the summer, and I decided that yes, the pay is good, but it’s not worth wasting my life on something I don’t enjoy. I want a family one day.. and I don’t want to waste it being at work all hours of the day and night and weekends, plus, we don’t get to help people in enough ways. So, I decided to persue my masters in genetics/immunology, maybe onto a Ph.D. at some point. I don’t want to just be a stealth nerd .. hehehe…. perhaps you aptly named me on here before I knew it was positively what I wanted as well hehe :o)

  9. I will add to the list soon 🙂 As ara mentioned there will be a few duplicates

  10. Yea I love getting my mind away from the norm..
    Oh I just saw Nights in Rodanthe I bawled and not just at the end. I am a big baby.
    Good for you I say go with your heart and follow what makes you happy do not waste your time (or money) on something that is not going to make you happy. I think you will do well as a scientist hence my name for you! 😉

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