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The minute I saw the advertisement for this movie, I knew it was right up my alley, and that I would HAVE to see it. The movie “Quanantine” simply speaks to me on all sorts of nerdy, science levels.


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Angela Vidal, a young reporter for a local TV channel, goes around with her cameraman, Scott Percival, every night in search of different collectives of people. Tonight, they’ll be doing a report on the night shift of a  Los Angeles fire station, where they are assigned to shadow firefighters Jake and (George) Fletcher, in which she secretly hopes for an opportunity to capture the story of a great fire. But the night remains very calm, and when they finally receive a call, it’s a medical emergency at an apartment complex. When they arrive, the see the building superintendent, Yuri, and the neighbors in the old lady’s building are very frightened. They explain that the old lady, Mrs. Espinoza, has been screaming bloody murder for a while, and all of a sudden went silent. The firefighters, reporters, and 2 police officers enter the building to attend to her, only to discover to their and the building tenants ultimate horror, that they have been sealed in the building by officials…

MPAA Rating: Rated R for LOTS of terror, language and bloody, violent, and simply disturbing content.

Cast of Characters: Jennifer Carpenter as Reporter, Angela Vidal; Steve Harris as Cameraman, Scott Percival, Jay Hernandez as Firefighter, Jake; Johnathon Schaech as Firefighter, George Fletcher; Columbus Short as Police Officer, Danny Wilensky; Andrew Fiscella as Police Officer, James McCreedy; Jeannie Epper as Mrs. Espinoza; Rade Serbedzija as Building Superindendent, Yuri Ivanov; Greg Germann as Vetrinarian, Lawrence; Dania Ramirez as Sadie; Bernard White as Bernard; Joey King as Brianna; Stacy Chbosky as Elsie; Denis O’Hare as Randy; Marin Hinkle as Kathy.

Stars: 3 & 1/2 Stars

I gave this one 3 & 1/2 stars. I enjoyed the movie and the plot, but the camera constantly moving around can make one quite nauseated. Honestly, the camera moving around so much really had a “Blair Witch Project” movie type of effect. It made you feel like you were right there IN the movie during some scenes. This movie appealed to the science side of me.

***NOTE*** Do not continue reading past this point if you do not want the movie spoiled!

I loved how this movie took REAL life disease, and turned the people into rampaging, violent, bloodthirsty killers. How you may ask? Well, note, there WAS a veterinarian that lived in the building, and he noticed a common couple of characteristics of those that became ill, such as, they ONLY became ill after being bitten or getting bodily fluids in mucosal body openings. This meant, this virus was NOT airborn. You may be wondering how I came to the conclusion that it was a virus and not bacterial, besides the movie trailers saying so. This is do to the vet treating those that were ill with some simple antibiotics and sedation medications. He admitted he didn’t know how to really treat humans, since he was an animal doctor, but those that know anything about immunology know that antibiotics only act on bacteria. They have no effect on viruses, so that is part of the reason the infected and injured people kept getting worse, although not every antibiotic will treat every bacterium. Plus, there is no cure for Rabies at this time once there is an onset of symptoms. If you have been bitten, the virus is slow acting compared to some other viruses. The Rabies vaccine injections you take actually are to innoculate you against the virus before it has completely infected your central nervous system.

The veterinarian also pointed out the similarities in the human’s symptoms to a mostly wild animal disease, known as rabies, but he did mention, that it takes weeks, if not months for it to show up, so that he did not know what was going on. This is true, which means, something or someone, had been genetically altering the virus so that it would act in a hyperdrive form. Currently, the Rabies virus cannot do so without a LOT of radical mutations and gene alterations, so have no fear of this happening anytime soon. Also, not every gene mutation, alteration, deletion works in a positive way for living things. A lot of times, it causes certain diseases, strains or species to become extinct instead of being expressed into something we can see today. This is a lot of the reason why flu vaccines have to be modified each year to contain the most prevalent strains since the strains being seen are the ones that mutated successfully… obviously, you won’t see viral cases from a strain that was unsuccessful.



  1. I am so glad I did not go see this. I get motion sickness some kind of bad.. I made the mistake of seeing Blair Witch, yea I vomited during the film. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I used to like horror a lot when I was younger, but they hardly seem scary to me anymore. Quarantine seems like a Scientific Bio Hazard scare movie. Looks like worth a watch, If I can find the time 😛

  3. LOL, yeah 6mile, definitely a better classification that you called it.. not a traditional horror movie. No prob WmWB! I have personally been fighting off sinus issues.. one that resulted in a severe case of vertigo. I have been having a lot of balance issues… that movie didn’t exactly help hehehe. My blood pressure has been abnormally low, so that’s not helping matters. We have come to the conclusion that one of my medications may be causing it since it also is used for high blood pressure, which I don’t have. It does so by messing with the water content in the blood.. so we think perhaps it has caused my sodium/potassium levels to bottom out. I go to the doctor monday for a checkup, so we’ll see what they say.. but 71/68 blood pressure is NOT healthy LOL.

  4. You seem to be suffering from a lot of health hiccups ara :(. Maybwe you just need a little break 🙂

  5. LOL, I know it seems like that.. consequences of a not so great immune system I guess LOL.. I’m a bit immuno-compromised, so it happens. I learned to live with it and deal with it a long time ago.. I just rest and keep a plodding along. It would make it hard in school though. My brothers fortunately never had these issues 🙂

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