Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | December 12, 2008

A month, really?

wow.. I cannot believe the last post written was about a month ago. I am sorry for that (and the others should be also) lol.

I have not seen many new movies lately. However, I did recently watched “Wanted” . I am buying it on blu-ray! I really liked to movie. I would give it 3 1/2 or 4 stars. The special effects were good. The action was awesome! The acting was pretty good as well. I am finding myself fond of Angelina’s work more and more and even though she was not the “main” character.. persay I think she doesn’t fail to please. I also loved Morgan Freeman’s work (of course). The storyline was alright. I think it is the only reason the movie did not gain more stars from me. It was predictable.. Perhaps it is just me? Perhaps not. Regardless, the predictability only took off a little from the whole of the movie. If you haven’t seen it I think it is entertaining if nothing else!



  1. I liked this movie as well. I just saw it the end of last week when I was at my parents. That’s the first movie I have seen in a while.. hard to write a post when you haven’t watched anything new to write about LOL. Plus, I’ve been having some.. issues with my health that I needed to take care of.. so I apologize for being such a slacker LOL.

    I really liked Angelina’s character.. esp the ending.. when she wasn’t afraid to follow through with her job. I will put it that way so as not to spoil it for others 🙂

  2. I went and watched “The Day the Earth Stood Still” last night. I loved it.. although I think some were a bit disappointed by the ending LOL… it did kind of just stop suddenly.. but i’ll discuss it in my post

  3. Yes, I wanted to see the movie but I have not had a chance to see it so I will be waiting to hear your review.

  4. All I can say WmWB is I LOVED it LOL. Simply because it showed that not all humans are destructive, and those that try to be destructive, are a lot of times lashing out from pain and loss, not realizing that that is what they are doing. It also showed how a mother’s love is the purist form of love of all, and that what we think of as world leaders.. they really aren’t the “true” world leaders. Once you watch the movie, I think you will understand what I am meaning.

  5. I saw wanted sometime ago, and the effects are really nice, but the story line was a little sketchy for me. And a few stunts like the car flip scene. It was a fun to watch no brainier movie ;).

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