Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | March 15, 2009


I heard TONS of negative reviews about this movie.  If you read my Overview of 2009 you would know Watchmen wasn’t on my must see in the theaters list. Why then you ask am I writing a review on it… well, because it was my 6th yr anniversary & I refused to sit home & do nothing.. so I chose to go see a movie! Granted I did not go to the movies with my husband but instead with our friend… He really wanted to see Watchmen & there wasn’t anything else out we could agree on so we went to see it.

I am very glad we saw Watchmen. I give this movie 4 stars! It had the normal superhero/comic book action, awesome special effects & good music but it also had a depth to it that is unlike all of the other movies of its kind. This movie requires you to think & feel not just watch & I REALLY like that. I LOVE feel like I have become a part of a movie. I almost forgot the movie was so long… almost.. I think I only thought about it once & that was probably during a sex scene.. & I will chalk that up to my mind wandering because I was feeling uncomfortable because I was there seeing the movie with my friend & not my husband (I also get this odd feeling when I watch sex scenes with my MIL). 

Oh also one of the things I heard people (guys) complaining about the most was the fact that Doctor Manhattan spends most of the movie naked & at times you see his penis & balls.. SERIOUSLY I am a woman & I like looking at penis lol (even blue ones) but to tell you the truth I am like I cannot remember seeing his penis but a handful of times… pun intended! Stop focusing on his “junk” and pay attention to the movie! Dudes said “couldn’t he have just worn clothes the whole movie” UM NO that would take away from his character DUH if you were truly watching the movie & paying attention you would know adding clothes to his character for the whole movie would change his character.. UGH, MEN hehe. I don’t complain every time a girl walks around topless in movies (which is very often-especially in the unrated versions of guy humor movies)!

So Yea um don’t listen to any reviews.. or listen to all since I would be telling you to disregard mine lol.. Just go see it & then decide if you liked it or not!

Two pics I thought were cute & related.. sorta!


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