The Guru

Welcome to our world of Movies! I am the antepenultimate of the group and the only guy among our awesome threesome. Together we form the “Connoisseur guild”.  😉

I feel movies have a profound influence on our souls. They move us in so many ways, some we can’t even imagine. They;re embedded into our consciences. We become one with them. We start fantasizing about the grandeur pomp of a charming princess (or prince). We experience the thrills and/or sadness of living in someone else’s shoes.  We start daydreaming of worlds up and above a zillion light years away! Movies never fail to delight!

I love watching a “mixed platter” of movies: from B rate Horror flicks to Critically Aclaimed (Yawn Inspiring…slow) Romance Novel adaptations. I peel off movies I like over a period of time, taking different layers with me.

I am the only one out of the three of us who doesn’t believe in giving stars to movies so you will seldomly see me give them. We know that everyone has their own individual taste. So I am here to give an insight about movies that make me churn!

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