The Scientist

Hello, I am Ara, a.k.a. “The Scientist”. I am one of two contributors co-authors of this blog. I was asked to join the mystangetheories (read: The Movie Connoisseur) blog team by whiteymcwheatbread a.k.a. “The Connoisseur”. I have a lot of different views and opinions about movies than she does. I am a simple, free-thinking, movie-loving woman! 

I am a single gal of Native American/Mixed European descent living in the great country state of Texas, where I have been the majority of my life. The only complaint I have about TX is the weather. Like whiteymcwheatbread, I am also a college graduate and a working professional. 

I really enjoy watching “weird” movies. The weirder they are to most people the better they are to me! I love watching sci-fi/fantasy films that involve weird scientific twists. Have you noticed anything yet? I am VERY interested in movies that deal with science, especially if there is a possibility that what I am watching could happen. While watching movies that deal with biology I love to nit-pick them, especially if I KNOW what is happening is NOT possible.. I think I am this way because of my education, knowledge, and experience in the field.

The genres that I am most interested in include: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Action, Suspense, Thrillers, Epics, and occasionally Westerns and Dramas. I also like movies that deal with Disasters, the Supernatural and ones I like to call “oldies but goodies”. I am not really into Romance, Foreign, Sports, or Melodramas. I really dislike Musicals.  

Note: My opinions in no form, shape or fashion reflect those of the film industry; Nor do I work in that industry.

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