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“Gran Torino”

Gran Torino”

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I must say, I have been waiting to see this movie simply because Clint Eastwood’s character growls out, “Get off my lawn!” That being said, I was NOT disappointed in the least bit with this movie.

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“Walt Kowalski, Korean War Vet, has just lost his wife to cancer, and his children want him to move out of the old neighborhood and into a senior citizens’ home. Walt does not want to move although more Hmong immigrants (Asians) now live in his Detroit neighborhood than white Americans. Walt has had a problem with Asians ever since he fought them in the Korean War, and now because his once peaceful neighborhood is becoming a battle ground for Asian gang violence. Upon his wife’s death, Kowalski slowly and reluctantly comes to know his neighbors as more than racial stereotypes. Eventually he comes to realize that he has more in common with them than his own spoiled family, who see him as an old racist useful only in what he can do for them. As the gang violence escalates and threatens to consume the lives of his newfound friends and neighbors, Kowalski decides he must take matters into his own hands in order to protect them.”

MPAA Rating: Rated R  –  for language content throughout film and for some, but rather brief violence

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast of Characters:  Clint Eastwood as Walt Kowalski, Christopher Carley as Father Janovich, Bee Vang as Thao Vang Lor, Ahney Her as Sue Lor, Brian Haley as Mitch Kowalski, Geraldnine Hughes as Karen Kowalski, and Brooke Chia Thao as Vu.

Stars: 4 & 3/4 stars!

I gave this movie probably the most stars yet of most of the movies I have reviewed. I think Clint Eastwood did a fantastic job not only as an actor, but as a director in this movie. There are very few Clint Eastwood films that have disappointed me, and I am happy to say this is not one of them. It has quite a few surprising twists in it, and proved that you can teach “an old dog” new tricks. I can say that there were definitely some Dirty Harry aspects to the character of Walt, but I think you will find the ending rather pleasing, yet although sad at the same time. I really feel that this might be one of the best movies of this coming year, and look forward to purchasing it when it is available on DVD.

Also, this movie had some awesome lines in it, which I will share below…

Thug: What you lookin’ at old man?
Walt Kowalski: Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have messed with? That’s me.

Walt Kowalski: [sneering and aiming his gun] Get off my lawn!

Walt Kowalski: [to Sue] Get me another beer, Dragon Lady!



  1. My husband really wants to see this movie. I wasn’t so thrilled about it, but if it’s as good as you say…

    Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire? It’s an absolutely amazing film – you should really check it out.

  2. Clint Eastwood did a great job of using his outward crankiness to come across as mean as well as somehow heroic this newest film of his

  3. I will watch Gran Torino when it comes out on DVD, I expected it to be good enough to view just not one of my “I GOTTA see it IN the THEATERS”. I hear Slumdog Millionaire is supposed to be really good. I will also rent that when it comes out on DVD.

  4. It was one of my gotta sees because of “GET OFF MY LAWN!” Too.. much like one of my favorite quotes from the movie Ghost, “GET OFF MY TRAIN…”

  5. GG, I think you might enjoy it, simply from the cross cultural standpoint of view.. but, I am also very much into fast cars.. yeah go figure, guess I am not a typical woman.. my dream car is a 350Z.. once you have a fast car, I swear it NEVER leaves your blood.. you are contaminated by it..

  6. I saw GT and was not too pleased with it, Client Eastwood was good, but the story was not, It was very good guy/bag guy.

    I liked the way the story in slumdog was weaved together and the music was very nice, but I don’t think its worth the oscar buzz its getting. We’ll maybe I’ve see too many Hindi movies, hehe.

  7. I think it is standard for a movie with Clint in it to be too good guy/bad guy 6mile lol. but I understand what you are saying. I can only handle so much of Clint’s work myself.

    As for Slumdog I will see it when it comes out on video to see what all the hype was about.

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