Posted by: whiteymcwheatbread | January 27, 2009


So lately, I have found I haven’t found many movies that have met my expectations. I have found a lot of movies that are 2 and 3 stars but not many 4 or 5. So to save myself the agony of writing a long review for each of these semi decent movies. I decided I would make a list of the movies with a highlight of their rating and what I thought of them.. you know why I deemed them unworthy of their own separate postings.

So here they are:

Henry Poole is Here-2 stars. BORING. Could have been much better.

Step Brothers-2 stars. Had a few laughs. A lot of the same old crap. Come on Will think of something new.

Max Payne-2 1/2.My expectations were very high for this movie. Mark, you let me down…

Mirrors-2 stars. Odd. Not too scary. A couple of good moments but that’s about it.

Righteous Kill-2 1/2 stars. How can you go wrong with that cast??? The script blew the movie it was way to obvious.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Empire-2 1/2. Some cool effects. The Story was kinda weak..

The House Bunny-3 1/2 stars. pretty funny.  some parts were dumb.

Burn After Reading-1 1/2 stars. How about we change the name of the movie to Burn After Watching? The previews made the movie look so good too and the cast I mean WTF.

My Best Friend’s Girl Friend-3 1/2.  Offensive at times if you let it. I laughed a lot. I few snags in the story for me.

Tyler Perry’s The Family that Preys-3 stars. had a lot of emotions this movie did. I did not like how all of the story went but besides that it was a good flick.

Igor-3 1/2 stars. Cute movie. A bit different and not as kid friendly as I was thinking but still liked it and it made me laugh.

Pineapple Express-3 stars. The typical Apatow movie. A lot of weed and profanity. Some good laughs and a lot of random stuff.


  1. You should check out the movie “Awake.” Really great plot and great acting.


  2. We’ll I’ve been seeing a lot of mediocre movies lately, probably the reason why I’ve not been posting much. I’ve not liked most of the movies , I’ve seen lately.

    I liked Igor’s humor, but the story was pretty predictive. Burn After reading is the worst movie I’ve seen in a while, the plot is just unbelievably idiotic.

  3. Mario- we actually have written a review on Awake… you can find it in our archives. Thanks for the advice though.

  4. 6 mile Welcome back buddy! Yes, I feel you about not coming around much because of not having much to say. I too have felt that way. I am hoping 2009 will be better. For movies and much more! Yes the humor of Igor is what I loved the story was ok. Burn After Reading… UGH. Just Burn It!

  5. I liked awake, Its one of the better thrillers to come out lately.

    Yes , we have a few movies like Watchmen, Inkheart , Fast and Furious coming out soon. Might have something to talk about then.

  6. oh but Fast and Furious I HAVE to call dibs on hehehe muhaha

  7. This is the reason I haven’t watched any of those above as well.. I’ll just wait for the TV edit LOL..

  8. I am super stoked about 2009 the movies are looking better and better. I was SOOO excited to see the original cast for a new Fast and the Furious!

  9. Me too.. me too! The original cast.. ooh hehe

  10. The movie I wanna see is Watchmen, the Trailer looks really awesome and I’ve been looking for the comic book to read. I think I need not say nething more about the new fast and furious, hehe.

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